Solid Wood Doors Add Beauty And Security To The Home

by HDME Staff

Are solid wood doors a worthy investment? One feature that many people take for granted when they are looking to buy an existing home is the doors. This is only natural, as the doors are what they are unless one buys the home and decides to change them.

However, those who are building a home have a great deal to consider when deciding on doors, both interior and exterior. Solid wood doors are a good choice in both places because they add beauty and security to the home.

Solid wood doors for entry ways are normally fashioned of hardwood such as oak. These are quite heavy and are very difficult to break compared to other options. In addition, they are often hand crafted and can be created with any pattern one desires carved into the wood to make it a truly custom door.

It has become a growing trend to have interior doors built from two pieces of thin veneer with only a grid of corrugated cardboard between them to hold the shape and thickness of the door. These are quite flimsy and a strong person could easily put his fist through one.

Solid wood doors within the home interior are fashioned from a variety of woods so that one can choose the exact grain, color, and texture that is desired to accent the home's interior. These doors are much heavier than the hollow core doors that many use and they cost more. However, the benefits of having solid wood doors, even as interior doors make them well worth the extra money.

There are many more options available when considering solid wood doors. It is not uncommon to have louvers put into closet doors and a select few other interior doors to allow for freer air flow inside the home.

One may also choose to paint the doors in any color that is desired. It is not at all uncommon to see solid wood interior doors that are painted one color on one side to match that room and another color on the other side to match that room. This sort of mix and match color is not as easily accomplished with anything less than solid wood doors.

From a security standpoint, it would be best if all the doors in a home were solid wood. This would create a much stronger barrier between the home's occupants and potential harm in the event someone were to break into the house. It should at least slow them down enough to allow the family to escape out a window.

The Big Question for YOU!
What type and style of solid wood door are you seeking and why? And if you've purchased solid wood doors before, tell us about your experience and any lessons learned from buying or installing it.

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Could Have Been Much Worse
by: Alley

I love our solid wood doors. I feel so much safer now that we have had these installed. We had the metal doors with foam insulation between the two plates of metal and someone was able to almost get into our house before we came home and surprised them. We were lucky and had new solid wood doors installed the next day.

Solid All Around
by: Santana

We have solid wood doors in all 3 entry ways in our house. It feels good to have that extra security that the solid wood offers, Not to mention the insulation value.

Sturdy and Practical
by: Taylor

We have a solid wood door for our front entrance, and it is very good looking and very practical. In wet weather it doesn't expand like the less expensive variety.

Solid wood for me too
by: Tori

A beautiful,sturdy wooden door is a worthy investment in any home. The same is true for the interiors as well. I love older homes with heavy solid wood doors on the inside where you actually have peace and quiet regardless of the activity in the adjoining rooms.

Solid wood doors are the way to go
by: Misty

I have lived in homes that have had the cheap, veneer doors and I always end up replacing them. I just can't stand the way they look. Cheap doors can take a perfectly lovely home and make it look tacky.

They are OK
by: margo

Solid wood doors really do all of those things. They are very pretty and will secure the house. Still, if we are really just focusing on safety, I think that a steel door is the safest kind of door.

Solid wood doors are a good buy
by: Dad@home

My home had solid wood doors hung both at the entrances and the interiors when I bought it. It was actually a key selling point and I think this reflects the value of such an investment.

The extra home security from burglary has been mentioned in this article. They also take longer to burn should you have a house fire.

The final benefit is the vast noise reduction the interior doors provide. Especially good if you have children!

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