Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

by HDME Staff

Looking for small bathroom decorating ideas? In decorating one's home there is a desire to have something new to replace the old. Regardless of whether wishing to decorate a single room or the entire house the main thing is to have something different. One of the hardest things for the designer is coming up with small bathroom decorating ideas.

The small bathroom presents a problem for many because of its size but this can be turned into an advantage if one is willing to spend time and some money to accomplish something that is attractive as well as practical. The first question is, does one have a tub, shower or a tub-shower combination. In most cases, a small bathroom only has a shower which will be assumed in this case.

A look at the shower will show if it needs to be replaced. There is nothing worse than seeing one that has rusty or worn spots and possibly a limp shower curtain. Today's showers are very reasonably priced and are not difficult to install. One should consider replacing it with a new stall and a beautiful glass door. If it is impractical to replace the entire stall, then the glass door will make a world of difference.

An inspection of the washbasin and toilet are next on the agenda when considering small bathroom decorating ideas. A worn out toilet with stains and a washbasin, which has been chipped, are unsightly and need to be replaced. New models on the market are very attractive and, surprisingly, much lower in price than one would expect.

Color of the walls can invoke a very comfortable feeling to the room if correctly chosen. This will give you the biggest bang for your money out of all small bathroom decorating ideas. A soft color is preferred as it gives a feeling of welcome and serenity. Planning the color scheme is a big part of creating an attractive small bathroom.

With a small room, flooring is a big part of the overall decorating scheme. It must blend with the wall coloring as well as the room's fixture. Choosing tile with a number of colors softly intertwined, that fit in with the rest of the scheme, is essential to obtain the desired results.

Most bathrooms have a window of some type. Choosing a long curtain covering will usually result in it becoming, over time, limp and sometimes discolored from the steam of the tub or shower. Some people decorate by putting a swag of artificial flowers, that match the surrounding, over the window. Others use a valance or other decoration that is waterproof. Whatever is chosen from these small bathroom decorating ideas, by careful planning one can have a small bathroom that is outstanding in its attractiveness.

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by: Zelda

We put a new pane in our window. It is the cloudy kind only it is more like a stained glass window. It lets light in but you can not see through it. It is quite nice.

Shelving and Doors
by: Anonymous

I have a small bathroom also, and the shelving I have in there have no doors on them. I'm thinking about putting small saloon type swinging "doors" on them. It's the only thing that sounds practical.

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas - No windowsill!
by: OneTwin

Our bathroom is tiny but luckily the window is quite big so lets in a lot of light. It doesn't have a sill so we were stumped about how to decorate it. We eventually just used a net hung on a curtain rod and it works well.

Really good small bathroom decorating ideas and tips
by: Sally K.

Small bathrooms always make me nervous because I never know if I'm going to be able to pull off proper decorating. Now I can consult this article in the future and I'll feel more confident.

Interesting small bathroom decorating ideas - thanks!
by: Maureen

I've done this in my small bathroom, apart from the flowers over the window idea. I wonder how that would work? I may just give it a try.

Tile or Paint
by: Evelyn

I have a very small bathroom, and I am wondering whether it would be better to use bathroom ceramic tile on the walls or to paint them.

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