Say it With Flowers …

by Sacha Megan

Do you love flowers? If you have a passion for flowers, there are so many different ways to use them to decorate your home. Apart from digging flowerbeds in your garden and setting up window boxes around the house, you can also bring flowers right into your home whether in the shape of bouquets in strategically placed vases or as flower-shaped rugs.

Let’s look at some ways to decorate your home in this colorful, bright way (without it being overdone, of course):

- In your living room, you could make a vase of flowers the centerpiece of the table. On the floor, place a floral rug on your wood floors or tile flooring. On the walls, you could put some pressed flowers in a frame, which always make an inexpensive and distinctive wall decoration. You can also place another vase on the sideboard or in the breakfront to add to the effect. For the best look, use real flowers and change them frequently.

- In the kitchen, flowers can be put on the windowsill in a small vase. As there is a lot of heat, steam, and moisture here, you may be better off using artificial silk flowers rather than real ones as these conditions could cause them to die more quickly. Here, your curtains don’t need to be formal, so you could put some up in a floral design. Match the colors with your tea towels to add a nice touch. If you want a nice floral fragrance to remove kitchen smells, you may want to use scented candles that give off favorite odors such as lily of the valley, geranium, and rose. On the floor, you could place a flower-shaped rug.

In fact, a flower-shaped rug is a very useful accessory if you love flowers. It is cute, colorful, and rather fun. Its bright colors can be used to bring life to almost all of the rooms in your house. Your children will probably enjoy their presence in their bedrooms, and if you have a young baby it is very stimulating to place the little one on such a rug. The varied, bright colors will stimulate the baby’s visual skills and coordination.

In your child’s bedroom, the flower-shaped rug may blend in with floral curtains and bedding of various colors. A flower-shaped rug can come in various styles, such as a large daisy, in the shape of a rose, poinsettia, or a lotus. The colors also vary accordingly. Therefore, you would have to find the color and shape that matches the rest of the décor the best.

The same applies to your bedroom. Here, you may choose more subdued flowers, or not bother with the flower-shaped rug, settling for a floral area rug instead. Similar to your children, you can also put out matching bedding and curtains to add to the look. For a pleasant floral fragrance, put out a potpourri, which will give you the flowery look as well as the scent.

It is not too difficult to “say it with flowers,” and the colorful, bright look that they create will make any home look beautiful.

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