Residential Landscape Design - Adding Value To Your Home

by HDME Staff

Looking for residential landscape design ideas? In the world today, where many people are having a difficult time making mortgage payments on their homes, there are still many who own their homes outright or have enough equity built up that they are confident they will not lose their homes to any lenders. Even among those having financial troubles, increasing the value of their homes is important in many ways. Here, we will take a look at four ways a good residential landscape design can add value to a home.

Economically-Friendly Landscape Design

A well thought out and executed landscape will make one's property more value economically. It can help to prevent erosion, reduce the amount of maintenance that property requires, and beautify a home so that it becomes worth more. Landscaping also includes inanimate objects such as swimming pools, patios, walking paths, and more that add to the economic value of a property.

Aesthetically-Friendly Landscape Design

As mentioned above, proper landscape designs help to beautify a home and its accompanying land. Careful and artful placement of flowering plants and shrubs, well trimmed hedges, bird baths, gold fish ponds, and other items can have a major impact on how a home is perceived, which helps to determine its overall value.

Environmentally-Friendly Landscape Design

A good residential landscape design will contribute to making a home more energy efficient and friendlier to the environment. Certain types of trees and shrubs can be located in such a manner that they create a buffer zone between the home and the outside temperatures and winds. This makes it easier to control inside temperatures, thus making it take less energy.

Outdoor plants, grasses, trees, and shrubs act as dust filters and help to remove some pollution from the air around the home. This can help make it easier to breath for individuals with certain types of allergies. Properly placed trees and shrubs can also help to reduce the glare of sunlight on the windows of the home.

Functionality-Friendly Landscape Design

The best residential landscape designs are also functional elements of the property. Rather than having land simply lying fallow, landscaping increases one's use of the property through strategic placement of walkways, trees, turf, pools, and decks or patios. A good design will have the sun shining where it is desired and shade elsewhere as well as providing plenty of places for children to play and families to enjoy their property.

Properly placed plants and grasses also help to hold the land in place and prevent erosion by wind or water. They also make the land easier to care for.

The Big Question for YOU!
What's the biggest challenge you're having with your residential landscape design project? And if you have experience in this area, tell us how to get the biggest bang for our money and any lessons learned.

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Hard Soil
by: Trevor

The biggest challenge for me right now is dealing with the hard, rocky soil where I live. Planting my lawn is becoming more time consuming then I had planned.

Residential Landscape Design - Going green!
by: Dad@Home

This is a really good way to add value to your property, do something for the environment but also to become a little more self sufficient.

I am lucky enough to have a sizable garden space. My plan is to work with a local landscape designer and create a mix of shrubbery, lawns and a vegetable plot. What a great way to teach my kids about the value of food.

I guess this will also appeal to potential buyers if I decide to sell in the future.

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