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by HDME Staff

Thinking about buying and installing ready to assemble cabinets? Anyone wishing to redecorate their homes turns first to the kitchen as this is the gathering place for the entire family. This is where the good meals are cooked, snacks are available and the smell of food fills the air. When planning on updating, one often makes the decision to replace the kitchen cabinets. Fortunately, today's market place offers a wide array of different styles of ready to assemble cabinets which are attractive and easy to install.

The styles available are multiple. One can purchase ones with beautiful glass doors, carved designs, plain and many others that highlight the kitchen and make an outstanding display. One must also decide if they want one in natural wood such as cherry or oak or want them bare so they can be painted an appropriate color to match the rest of the kitchen decor.

Ready to assemble cabinets are different from those already assembled. They come pre-packaged, complete with full instructions. If one follows these directions step by step there is no problem putting them together. They can easily be assembled with a drill and screwdriver.

The best types of ready to assemble cabinets to purchase are all wood and the package should contain hinges, pulls and other needed parts. In making a purchase of this kind, one should be careful not to make a purchase that contains particleboard. In some cases, this is what the shelves are composed and, while this material looks fine at first one will soon find that it sags over time and is very hard to replace with sturdier boards.

Good ready to assemble cabinets will be made of solid wood with a durable finish. Three-fourths solid wood frames are the norm with the wood joints solidly glued. If purchasing cabinets that are not to be painted one should select something with a hand-rubbed stain finish covered with varnish. This type of cabinet will last for many years and retain its beauty.

In deciding to make this change to one's kitchen other areas should also be inspected. New ready to assemble cabinets will only cause walls and floors to look bad if they, too, are not improved. Fresh paint and a new floor covering will make a world of difference and bring a sparkle to the room.

Adding ready to assemble cabinets can make a complete change in the appearance of a kitchen. By repainting the walls beforehand they will not only look good but increase the value of the home. Many people who are preparing to put their home on the market make this change in the kitchen. As the hub of the home potential purchasers consider this the most important room in the home.

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Wish I Had Known About Ready To Assemble Cabinets
by: Jewlya

I wish I had read your article before we purchased our ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. We chose ones with particleboard shelves and what a mess they have turned out to be. For just a little bit more we could have purchased all wood shelves. It has been a lesson well learned.

New sort of
by: jimmy

I used to like to make my cabinets myself. I am an experienced wood worker. However I am finding that as I get busier sometimes I have to use ready to assemble cabinets in my rental units.

Over all I am pretty pleased with them and while it doesn't give me the same feeling as making my own they do the job quite well and are simple and quick to install.

Skills needed?
by: Lydia

As someone who has very weak DIY skills I tend to avoid anything I have to put together myself. I just can't seem to get it quite right and am always left with that cliched spare screw or something!

Perhaps this is a better job for two pairs of hands?

I like that ready to assemble cabinets are available in different designs and finishes. If the price is right then I am sure to be looking for some extra hands to borrow - along with the drill and screwdriver!

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