The Business Side of Plus Size Furniture

A feature broadcast on the CBS Evening News in November of 2003 detailing plus size furniture has increased the public’s awareness of this industry.

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Prior to being exposed to the story certain segments of the business market place offered little if any consideration in this area.

Perceptions in plus size furniture - typical vs. truth.

The mainstream perception attributes an increase in demand for the manufacturing of large size furniture unhealthy lifestyles. This consensus furthers images of a national epidemic in obesity that has resulted from our apathy about proper diet and exercise.

However, those with disdain for the upsurge in plus size furniture trends might want to reconsider that position based upon a trusted resource.

Yearly data released by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics indicates average adult sizes by gender.

Research indicates the average female weight to be 152 pounds and the average male weight to be 180 pounds.

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If this generally accepted and trusted information is accurate then there are more than less of us in the stats considered by many of the plus size furniture manufacturers.

Businesses and industries of high caliber and demonstrated principles have stopped measuring a customer’s value based upon their physical size.

They have been proactive in this area, unlike others who even procrastinated in accommodating disabled individuals until after the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became law.

Assessing a need for plus size furniture - response or retreat.

Even though specially designed plus size furniture is available in the public market place, most people see it as only a personal option. Seemingly, most business owners give little thought that not everyone who is a client and/or customer and purchases their products or services falls within average weight ranges.

People who are larger than average don’t want to be categorized as disabled. In fact, they don’t want to be categorized at all but simply treated with the same respect as any other person. They aren’t expecting extravagance in plus size furniture or asking for preferential treatment, but simply a conscious awareness.

Accommodating the needs of any client or customer validates that person’s worth demonstrates a commitment to service.

It is almost certain that the business owner who provides comfortable accommodations in plus size furniture for the benefit and comfort of its client or customer in the course of doing business will be well remembered and appreciated.

Being able to address the issue of a person’s size with obliging products and services is an added-value benefit for any organization.

Purchasing plus size furniture is a ready solution any business owner. It can be expensive though, particularly for smaller companies or businesses that are just getting off the ground. This expense may be more than a new business can absorb until it becomes profitable.

There are several less expensive ways though besides investing in tailor-made plus size furniture that will allow you to provide a much more comfortable and accommodating environment for your clients and/or customers.

Most of the time people who are built somewhat proportionally larger than average will immediately recognize your efforts.

Even without custom plus size furniture being present in the décor, they will intuitively realize that there is no question of embarrassment to them. This is an immediate tension breaker for your client or customer, relieved at not having to be concerned with whether actually sitting down is a physical impossibility due to his or her size.

Whether decorating with plus size furniture specifically designed to ensure the comforts of anyone with this need or some other practical designs these ideas in furniture arrangement will create a welcoming presence for putting people at ease.

Practical plus size furniture arrangements - possible or not.

Include chairs without arms located close to entrances and exits. Place magazines on tables within easy reach beside chairs. Avoid using only overstuffed sofas and chairs that are low to the floor. Mix in chairs made of sturdy wood with comfortable but not plush stuffing or pillows that are attractive.

Stay away from any décor that only features furniture with minimal support, particularly those supported only by thin or narrow spindles. Any type of reclining apparatus in a piece of furniture should be in proper operating order or re-enforced to prevent it from reclining immediately upon someone sitting in it.

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