Nautical Wall Decor - Display Your Seafaring Side

by HDME Staff

What's not to love about nautical wall decor? The way we decorate our homes typically shows a portion of our personality, whether from actual experience or from our hopes and dreams. Many of us have sailed in various parts of the world and those that have not often wish that they could. Everyone has the option of displaying his/her seafaring side in how they decorate with nautical wall decor.

One of the first steps to creating a nautical theme with nautical wall decor in a room is to paint the walls in a shade of blue. It can be almost any shade because there are so many variations on the color blue found in and around water.

Many people choose to make use of nautical wall decor such as life preservers and anchors (real or recreated). In fact, use of these items may be becoming passe due to its having been done by so many. Another commonly used item that will probably always be popular is a net. There are several different types of nets used for different purposes aboard a ship, leaving a lot of room for personal taste to influence one's decision.

Pictures, paintings, and tapestries that depict ships at sea, often during a raging storm, have also been used with the nautical wall decor. In recent years, it has become a growing trend to find small starfish, sand dollars, or other creatures of the sea framed with a document telling what they are and where they come from.

Ropes of all sizes are used aboard a ship. These can range from the small ones seen in common use even away from the water all the way up to huge lines up to six inches in diameter. Strategic use of ropes of varying sizes can contribute a great deal to the nautical theme in a room.

There are many other items that one will find commonly used on ships that are suitable as nautical wall decor. If one lives near the coast, finding a choice of items that can be used to create nautical wall decor is often as easy as going to a neighbor's garage sale. For those who do not live near the coast, there are many retail outlets that offer a selection of items that would be in keeping with this theme.

The primary difference in the two possibilities is that items sold away from the coast are more likely to be replicas created specifically for use as decoration while nearer the coast, one can find genuine articles that have been to sea.

The Big Question for YOU!
What nautical wall decor do you think really captures the essence of the sea? Tell us about your favorite nautically themed room in your home.

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My daughters room
by: AmberT

My daughter wants her bedroom to be like the beach. I love these nautical wall decor ideas and they will come in handy when re-doing her room. We have picked the blue already for the walls.

by: jayla

I get seasick just thinking about boats and anything nautical. Where I live it also seems like it is impossible to find these sort of things. If you did it would be very unique for the area.

by: Jewlya

Lighthouses are my favorite nautical wall decor. I have one bathroom done in this theme. The shower curtain holders are boats, and the curtain has lighthouses on it. The walls are blue and on the main wall I have white fluffy clouds.

Location, location
by: Trevor

Living down here near the desert in the southwest, I always thought that nautical themed interior designs were perfect. They offset the outside mood and look.

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