Moroccan Decorating Style

by HDME Staff

The Moroccan decorating style happens to be very elegant and exotic and it also is one that helps to add a touch of mystery to the feel and look of an interior. There are many vibrant color options available and the same is the case in so far as type of wood goes. The end result will be that the Moroccan decorating style will give your interiors a touch of luxury and it will make your home look more modern as well.

Morocco is a country that has, thanks to its strategic location between Africa and Europe, been influenced by many different cultures. This means that Moroccan decorating style will also reflect this crosscurrent of cultures that combine the best of the east and west as well as that of north and south. France and Portugal and Spain provide their own styles that have been incorporated by Moroccans and this can be seen in their decorative styles.

There are other influences as well including those from Africa and Persia as well as a lot from Islamic countries that surround Morocco in the east and the south. The end result is that you will get to see styles that are Moroccan but which incorporate a lot of different styles from these neighboring countries.

Since Morocco is a very hot country, it is not surprising to note that the Moroccan decorating style use vibrancy of colors and gentleness of lighting to keep things cool inside their homes. Moroccans use very strong colors in their decorations and so typically you will see many shades of blue and green as well as gold and silver and there will also be plenty of rich oranges and reds as well. As for furniture, these are also very unique and typically Moroccan.

The furniture used in the Moroccan decorating style is simple and also very inviting and normally the sofa as well as tables tend to be low in height. For furnishing, Moroccans make use of elaborate wrought iron pieces and the furniture will also have plenty of mother of pearls which are used in inlay work.

In Moroccan decorating style, fabrics tend to be very lush and luxurious and in addition throw pillows are used in abundance and the same is the case with fabrics that are very luxurious.

Moroccans use lighting to create various shades. For example, they will use lamps to give off dim lights and candles also help to create a touch of romance in the interiors. As for floors, Moroccan decorating style demands that these be made from dark colored hardwood which will be covered with plush rugs from Persia.

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Love the warm feeling
by: Delores

There is a Moroccan restaurant in my neighborhood that is beautifully decorated in this style. It is very warm and inviting. I would love for my home to have the same feel, but I would need some help in making the change as it is quite the opposite of my current decor.

So cultural
by: Anonymous

I love the Moroccan decorating style and designs. I have never known enough to do it myself but I love how rich the design ties in to some of the fantastic culture. Nice article!

by: Maureen

I adore the colours and as we live in a hot climate the style is ideal. It's also plush and comfortable. I'm so glad I went with Moroccan decorating style as my theme.

Low slung living
by: Lydia

As a shorter person, the idea of low height sofas and tables is appealing. Sitting around a table on plush floor cushions creates a great atmosphere for suppers with friends.

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