Maintaining Wood Cabinets at Home

by Alex
(Bucks County, Pennsylvania USA)

People may have plenty things to say about your personality the way your house appears, especially the kitchen. The kitchen is among the areas in the house that should be maintained at all times, and make it look good as much as possible.

Kitchen cabinets makes a lot of difference when it comes to the overall appearance of the kitchen. Cabinets are the prominent parts of the kitchen wherein goods are stored safely along with other stuff such as cooking ingredients, canned goods, condiments and others. These cabinets are likely to experience the wear-and-tear effect after enduring a few years serving as a great storage area in the kitchen. Talk about spills, dirt, termites and all harmful elements acquired by these cabinets from our regular use.

There are different kinds of cabinets at present. Throughout the years, people have been using wood cabinets as the all-time favorite for most household interior. Ready to assemble or the RTA cabinets are popular nowadays, however, the classic wood cabinets remains as the sole choice for most kitchens since it has this unique appeal that adds up to the overall splendor of the house.

Wood cabinets can stand the test of time, however, It is inevitable that it may soon deteriorate because of poor maintenance and some other damaging factors.

To extend the life and elegance of your kitchen cabinets, proper maintenance is highly required. Here's how you can preserve the life and beauty of your wood cabinets. These actions are pretty simple, but it can make a lot of difference.

Wipe it all off – We can't possibly avoid some spills and drips whenever we use the kitchen. Fruit juice, cooking oil, soy sauce, wine spills and others cannot be avoided at all times since accidents can take place anytime. When this happens, wipe it off immediately to prevent stains and other elements from causing damages to your wood cabinets – the fact that wood is sensitive to these kinds of elements.

Coat it with protective paint or varnish – Smoothly finished wood cabinets looks nice and prestigious. The naturalness feel of wood is nice, however, it needs protection at the same time. You can finish the cabinet's furnishing by coating it with varnish or paint. This will keep your wood cabinets in good shape for the longest time. You can always put extra effect by providing artistic touch to your cabinets. If you can't do it by yourself, you can always seek professional help from artists.

Weekly Inspection and Cleaning – The regular wipes that you have done may not be enough to ensure the maintenance of your wood cabinets. Cleaning it thoroughly every week is the most advisable thing to do. You can do it every rest day whenever you have the spare time during the weekends.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alex Mase is a professional interior designer based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She is obsessed with kitchen designs particularly with kitchen cabinets. She is currently working on unique kitchen designs for In Stock Kitchens. Learn more about her awesome creations by visiting

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We Made Ours
by: Mara

We actually made our own wood cabinets and painted them as we pleased. I can change the color easily if I want to change my kitchen and the cabinets are custom so they fit our needs and our space. I love them.

Keeping Them Clean
by: Jewlya

I love the look of wood cabinets in a kitchen. Mine are painted with an enamel paint, making them very easy to clean. I simply wipe them off with a damp rag.

Those little nooks and crannies
by: Sally K.

I have a hard time keeping the intricate detailing of my wood cabinets clean. You know, those little crannies that you pretty much need a Q-tip to get into. I swear, I go through more Q-tips in this house cleaning than I do for people's ears. Still, I wouldn't trade my cabinets for anything. I love the style and the stain we have on them and I think they really make my kitchen what it is.

I love my wood cabinets!
by: Kayla

I have beautiful custom made wood cabinetry in my kitchen and I absolutely love it! I clean it regularly, but I am not sure what to put on the varnish. I currently use lemon oil.

A lot of them
by: trevor

I have a lot of wood cabinets and shelving in my home, and I'll tell you, I now have my daughter dust and clean them every weekend. It can get to be quite a chore, but it's worth it.

Awesome tips for maintaining wood cabinets
by: MariaP

We have wood cabinets and they are looking kind of dingy! Thanks for the tips on how to keep them looking great. I do wipe them off each night but they still look dingy. How can I get the grease off them? Sometimes we fry things on the stove and the grease splatters up to the cabinets.

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