Living Room Painting Ideas Worth Considering

Living room painting ideas can, if chosen with care, help you remodel this important part of your home in the most appealing and effective manner.

living room painting ideas                   living room painting ideas

The entire process should begin with the selection of a color scheme after which you should decide on which paints to use for the different parts of the living room including the doors, walls, accessories, trims and accents.

When it concerns using the right living room painting ideas, be sure to start off by choosing the paints according to how well they suit the largest furniture items which dominate your living room. Also, take into account the focal point of your living room and the size of the room and the height to the ceiling as well as the amount of sunlight that is received by your living room.

Having selected suitable paints for your living room it is then necessary for you to decide on suitable paint finishes. These in fact may well change, when chosen properly, the entire feel and look of your living room. For example, living room painting ideas that involve matte finishes (without any shine) will suit walls that are not absolutely perfect in their appearance.

living room painting ideas                   living room painting ideas

Also when contemplating living room painting ideas, look for stain resistant paint finishes. In addition go for eggshell or even velvet finish that has a softish glow to it, which will help transform the walls in your living room to ones that are sophisticated and very elegant.

When it concerns coming up with suitable living room painting ideas for the walls, you should opt for water based or even latex paints that will dry quicker and which are washable as well. However, oil based alkyd paints are a better option for painting your windows and doors as these will penetrate deeper into the wood and will not stick to the door or window, even if these are kept shut for extended periods of time.

You must also calculate the quantity of paint that will be needed in order to paint the living room and for this be sure to take exact measurements of the perimeter of this areas walls. This you can do by simply adding the width and multiplying it with the walls height (taken from floor to ceiling). After this total has been arrived at, you can subtract open areas and in this way figure out just how much space will have to be painted.

Also, remember that certain paints as well as colors might require painting more than a single coat and this too must be taken into consideration. A gallon of paint normally allows you to paint four hundred square feet, but for more precise calculations, do not feel shy about asking the paint manufacturer for help.

When it concerns using your living room painting ideas, be sure to take into account that the family room will see much traffic and will also be the part of your home that guests will see first. Therefore, you need to choose the paints according to how well they create the right impression in the minds of the guests. Be sure to do some experimentation regarding patterns and colors and be sure to create a living room that is as stylish as possible.

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