Living Room Decoration Ideas

by HDME Staff

There are some great ways a person can add personality and life to a space in their home. Living room decoration ideas can be fun, whimsical, and reflect your unique and individual style. Deciding on the kind of decorations and accessories that you want to use in your living room will require some thought before you commit to a particular style.

Before you begin deciding on the specific items that you want to use to decorate your room, it will be important to identify your unique style and the mood that you want the room to reflect. Some people are most comfortable in a peaceful oasis where they can relax, read, and enjoy soft textures and colors.

Other people enjoy creating rooms that are whimsical and will be a welcoming and fun place for friends and family to enter when they visit. You may be a person who wants to begin a theme for their home in the living room and the objects and items in the space will be an introduction to the feel and look of the entire home.

Once you have decided on the theme and colors that you want to incorporate into your design, finding the items, objects, and furniture to create the room will be much easier. It will be important to measure the space and have a clear idea of the actual availability for larger pieces in the space.

Many people find that using blue painters tape to mark the actual space that will be taken by paintings, sofas, chairs, tables, etc., makes getting a visual representation of how space will be used very easy. Painters tape will not leave a sticky residue on walls and floors and is bright blue which makes it very easy to use and see.

It is important to take some time when planning the lay-out of art and photos. In a small group, groupings must be placed carefully on the wall to keep it from making the space look smaller. In addition, a piece of art that does not compliment the design will end up being the focal point when people come into the space. If you are going to use a piece of art as a focal point, placement will be very important to maintain balance in the room.

Once you begin to fill your room, a great way to test the look and feel of the room is to walk out of the home, clear your mind, then walk in with the eye of a visitor. Notice what your eye is immediately drawn to, the feel that you get when you walk into the space, and whether or not the space feels balanced. Adding or moving pieces as you go by using this technique makes employing effective living room decoration ideas very easy and a fun way to build a beautiful room.

The Big Question for YOU!
What's the biggest challenge you're facing with living room decorations? And if your room is beautifully decorated, then please share some of your best living room decoration ideas.

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My kids
by: sarahluv

My biggest challenge is to make a room that is beautiful but one that is also functional for my kids. I have 3 kids, 1 with autism and 1 of them is 2. I need to make a beautiful design but I also need to make sure the kids can use it with out it seeming to be trashed.

by: Irene D

I love the primitive type of decor that seems to be so popular these days. I would love to have a log cabin to be able to dress it up as I please. The painter's tape idea is a great one too. I'll have to try this after I do my fall cleaning to see if I can map things out a bit better. Thanks for the great living room decoration ideas.

The good and the bad
by: jayla

I really like the idea of using blue painters tape to mark the floor to get an Idea of how the space is being used. However be careful of what brand you use. I used one brand and it left sticky stuff everywhere. If you know a brand that works don't buy a cheaper one to save money.

Comfy living
by: Sally K.

For me, I am a person who likes earth tones and a feel of comfort. We've been thinking about getting new living room furniture because what we have now isn't as comfortable as I would like. I love the tip about using painter's tape to get a feel for the layout!

Living Room Decoration Ideas - Family Theme
by: Evelyn

We have a large family, and when visitors come they invariably ask about the family. On the largest wall of our living room, I have current pictures of our children, and their families if they are married, in order of age. It makes a great talking piece and looks great.

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