Kitchen Paint Colors

by HDME Staff

Choosing the best kitchen paint colors can be challenging, but by taking the choices a little bit at a time, you can get the job done without becoming overly stressed. Many people like the classic look of white kitchens, but even if you want white, you will still have colors incorporated on the floors, counters, cabinets and appliances. Choosing colors that blend into a harmonious whole doesn't have to be overwhelming.

When picking kitchen paint colors, you should first determine the look that you are going for. If you like ultra modern, with stainless steel appliances, your kitchen paint colors are likely to be different than if you want a French country kitchen look. If you are likely to be moving or selling the house in a short time, you will probably want to select a more basic theme and color palette.

You might want to select the kitchen paint colors by getting samples of all the colors you really like. Then you can narrow down the favorites to just two or three. If there are several surfaces already in the room that will not be part of the change, you will need to work around those surfaces as you pick new colors. You should try to limit the number of kitchen paint colors in the room to three or four. This includes appliances, floors and counters.

When there are too many colors in one room, it begins to look cluttered, even if there is no clutter. If you have tile floors, wood finished cabinets and stainless steel appliances, choose two kitchen paint colors at most. This will limit the number of eye magnets and make the space more unified. This tip applies to major colored surfaces. Small touches of color are acceptable.

Instead of trying out various colors on the walls when deciding on kitchen paint colors, you could paint larger pieces of wood in the colors you are considering. These pieces can be moved around to test the colors in various lighting and area configurations. Most paints will look different in daylight and artificial light. Be sure you look at the paint in the same lighting conditions as will be present in your updated kitchen.

When you choose kitchen paint colors, you can appreciate the fact that there are many colors to select from. The painted surfaces in the kitchen should be durable and yet easy to clean. You can think outside the box unless the kitchen paint colors are fleeting fads rather than current trends.

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