Interior Design Colors

by HDME Staff

Selecting interior design colors doesn't have to be a difficult task. If you are contemplating decorating your home then choosing the right interior design colors can initially be an overwhelming experience. If you are uncertain as to how a specific scheme or group of colors will appear then you should take a moment to consider the tips and advice discussed below.

The color of a room will have a major impact on the ambiance and atmosphere that is created. Though most professional interior designers would suggest using a single color in the room and then different shades as accents the actual decision will depend upon individual tastes. Men may have different ideas than women as to what is suitable, and kids would have an altogether different opinion.

Many households opt for seaside based schemes. For example a light aqua blue as the base surrounded by sandy tans and glassy greens can all fit together beautifully to create a relaxed aura of nicely coordinated interior design colors. Even pale greys and peach can mimic the impression of being close to the shore.

If you want to brighten up a poorly lit space then how about considering a tropical scheme of interior design colors. This could incorporate sky blue, warm browns and olive greens. Red and purple accents can be used to add a feeling of tropical flowers. A crisp white color can be added to create an added sense of depth.

Perhaps you would prefer an old fashioned European style group of interior design colors. Traditionally, houses in Europe would have used colors such as dark gold, deep reds, blue, and black. These would add a warm glow to each room.

French homes would have used a slightly different combination of interior design colors. For example pale gold, light maroon, and china blue. This selection can evoke memories of rustic French countryside. If you want a truly modern decor, how about choosing a contemporary style of black and white with red and blue accents.

If you are still uncertain as to what interior design colors and shades would best suit your home then why not visit a paint store. There is a wealth of information there which can help create a clear idea in the mind of what exact interior design colors and schemes would suit different styles of rooms and buildings.

It can be worthwhile asking friends and family for their suggestions. By choosing the right interior design colors, you will feel like you are living in a completely new property. As long as you consider a few different options you should not be left feeling any regrets.

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Paint store
by: MariaP

I'm taking my daughter into town to the local Paint store today. We want to re-paint our kitchen and her bedroom. What better place to go to pick the interior design colors. I hope they are as helpful as your article states.

My Living Room Interior Design Colors
by: Momof12

I wanted something cheery and bright in my living room so I chose a bright yellow with brown curtains. The fabric on my couch is a lime green and I have other orange accents. It turned out gorgeous and has the effect I wanted.

Tropical colors
by: Ginny

I really like how choosing tropical interior design colors will brighten up a dull room without much sunshine. I never really know how to add plants to a space but they would blend well into this design.

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