Interior Design Bathrooms: Consider Color Fittings To Spice Things Up!

If you want to create a beautiful home, then interior design bathrooms with a personal touch are a must.

There are a number of ways you can accomplish this without the need for heavy remodeling. Interior design bathrooms can transform an ordinary bathroom in a sanctuary of peace and tranquility.

Colors for Fittings
A wonderful interior designs bathroom idea is to use colored bathroom fittings.

Bathroom fittings come in a host of colors nowadays, from pretty pastels right through to deep navy and burgundy.

The range available is a great advantage if you're doing the choosing.

But not so much help if you’re having to find paint colors, tiles or towels to match someone else's selection! So as well as advising which colors to choose for a new suite, this article suggests how to color scheme around an existing one, including some of the more difficult shades.

You'll make life a lot easier for yourself if you fit a white bathroom suite. As well as giving you the greatest freedom in choosing decorating colors to start with for your interior designs bathroom ideas, it will also be much less trouble to work around when you next decide you want to redecorate.

The next best interior design bathroom options to work with are the very pale pastels: pinks, creams, beiges and lavender-grays. In terms of matching other colors, you can treat them more or less as pure white, and if you find white too clinical, these will give a slightly warmer feel to the room.

Bathroom suites in bolder colors have two big disadvantages. First, they are far harder to match.

Second, you must be prepared to clean and rinse them scrupulously - the darker the color, the more clearly soapy tide marks show up!

If you want a strong color, blues and greens are the easiest to work with, partly because they are natural 'water' colors that feel at home in a bathroom, and partly because they are easy shades to color scheme with.

A blue bath can be offset by green, yellow or bright scarlet towels and accessories, while a green bath will work with pinks (for a flowery, country-cottage feel) or bright blues and yellows to create a splashy, Caribbean look.

The really difficult colors to match are the murky shades like avocado, caramel and burgundy. These have a dense, heavy quality that's just not in keeping with a bathroom.

In fact if you're stuck with one of these, it's best not to try to match it at all, but to lighten the effect with plenty of white and cream for towels and wall colors. White will cool down the hot, sticky look of an orange or caramel suite.

Burgundy is better paired with cream, as the stark contrast of white will make it look like a battlefield. And either white or cream - or even a soft yellow -will do a lot to improve an avocado or khaki bath.

Other elements of interior design bathrooms include flooring, standard fixtures, such as the tub, sink, and toilet, chrome or brass fixtures for the sink and tub, tiled floors and walls, and the type of mirror you select. Tiles can

be patterned to add color and texture to the walls. A large mirror covering a wall will make your bathroom appear brighter and larger.

There are no limitations when it comes to creative design. You can go so far as to add a steam shower, a jacuzzi, even a television or a waterfall. Or design a whole bathroom with natural stones and finishes. With careful planning and a little know-how, you can transform your bathroom into a room of beauty and luxury.

I hope you found these interior design bathrooms ideas to be helpful. If you'd like to learn more, just check out the recommended books below.

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