Interior Color Schemes - The Importance Of Getting It Right

by HDME Staff

Which interior color schemes are right for you? Almost everyone knows that color has an impact on the way we feel about being in a certain space. Some interior color schemes make us feel more comfortable while others make us want to leave as quickly as possible.

However, generalizations that one may have heard in the past only work out right if one uses the exact hue that was referred to in the saying. This is why it is so important to take some time and care when trying to select the right interior color schemes for one's home.

In some cases, the amount of a color is as critical as the color itself. For example, many say that red is an energizing color. However, anyone who paints an entire room in red has created a place that makes people feel trapped and helpless. That amount of red can evoke one's nightmares and become very frightening.

The colors people choose and the way they are arranged can enhance the atmosphere in a room in specific ways. For example, the right interior color schemes can make a person feel comfortable, healthy, and as if nothing could ever go wrong. Certain colors are associated with warmth and others with coldness. How one uses these colors can change the way occupants in a room perceive temperature, even if there is no difference in temperature between two otherwise identical rooms.

Some interior color schemes make small spaces feel more open and spacious while others seem to pull everything closer and make a space feel more intimate. Lighter colors help to add to the natural light in otherwise dark areas while muted colors can help to create a sense of romance in areas that one wants to feel more private.

The difficult part comes when one realizes that a color scheme that creates the desired feelings in one room is completely wrong in another. Or, one may realize that the colors chosen are slightly off the mark and fail to create the atmosphere one has tried to create. It is even possible that a color scheme that works for one person is wrong for another.

We are all individuals, with our own tastes and ideas of what is intimate, cozy, open, relaxing, or energizing. This makes it truly impossible to rely on generalizations made by others about what colors work well in what areas. It is truly a matter of personal taste and personality that determines which are the right interior color schemes for different people.

The Big Question for YOU!
What's the biggest challenge for you when it comes to picking interior color schemes? Tell us one of your favorite color schemes and the technique you use for selecting and matching colors.

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Going for warmth
by: Daria

I like to go for warmth with my interior color schemes. Rooms that are brightly painted make me feel anxious and uncomfortable. I like color, but not on big spaces like my walls.

Soft Gray
by: Randa Keeton

My friend and I painted one of her bedrooms a soft gray with a slightly darker gray over it with a sponge. It really turned out very nice and soft. Very dreamy and very comfortable for a bedroom. It's not a cold gray at all but is soft and comfortable.

My ideal interior color scheme
by: Lydia

A great read, it really made me think about color differently. I can see how something like red can be a welcome splash of life but if overused could cause despair!

For me the challenge when choosing interior color schemes relates to two things. Firstly, am I permitted to (officially) change things? Currently I am in a rental apartment and it is not really allowed. There is a slight chance someone will have to visit the place for repairs etc., so any change must be subtle enough to not become a problem. Of course it also has to be easy to revert to the boring off white it started out as.

The second issue is the length of time I think I will have to enjoy whatever I choose. When I sold my own home the interior coloring was important to prospective buyers. It was rather unnerving to have your tastes discussed and commented on. In this situation repainting may come too late, so if I expect to move on quite quickly I would again go for a discreet look.

As I love purple this is the number one choice for my ideal interior color scheme. As it had so many shades I would base the exact plan on the size of the rooms - lighter for smaller and so on. Then match everything else with other shades of purple.

I am attracted to either the matching idea mentioned above or the marriage of two strong colors such as purple and lime green. I think both would work but the green would have to be for that 'splash' to avoid being overpowering.

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