Creative Ideas Interior Decorating For You To Explore

When it comes to ideas interior decorating, you can be really creative with the decorations you select for the rooms in your home you wish to makeover.

Not only can you purchase new decorations, accessories, furniture and so on, but you can also take the old fashions of your rooms, and dress them up to make them look different, personal and stylish.

For instance, consider an old living room lamp that you have had for a number of years. Although the lamp is in working order, the lamp shade is beginning to look a little worn and outdated - this is how you can use ideas interior decorating to your advantage.

Instead of purchasing a whole new lamp or lampshade, you can use your own crafts and creativity to transform your lamp into a something fresh and brand new!

How can you use ideas interior decorating to dress up your old lamp you wonder? Well for starters, think about the type of theme or color scheme you have for the room.

Perhaps your living room has been newly designed to take on more of a Victorian look, if this is the case, you can always give an antique gold wash design by sponge painting the stem of the lamp, or the lamp shade (this will depend on their original materials of course).

You can then choose to add your color choice of lace trimming, beading or fringe to the end of the lamp to give it a more authentic Victorian look. You will be amazed how simple ideas interior decorating such as these can make all of the difference to an old and diminishing decoration.

More creative ideas interior decorating includes stenciling and wall murals. Both of these ideas are great ways to personalize and add style to dress up any room in your home. For example, if you weren’t interested in re-wallpapering or re-painting your walls, you could add stenciling to the top, middle, bottom or just about anywhere on your wall.

When it comes to choosing the stencil you want, you will discover that you will find everything from flowers, fruit, vegetables, geometrical shapes, swirls and more. Stenciling is an extremely fun and easy way to bring all of your ideas interior decorating to life.

All you need is the stencils, which you can make yourself, or purchase from craft or specialty stores, paint of your desired color(s), sponges, paintbrush or rag for painting, and tape to keep the stencil in place.

If you are more interested in a wall mural, you will find that this ideas interior decorating option is also not difficult to achieve. You can create a simple wall mural by using stencils as your guide, or if you are artistically talented try drawing something freehand, or you can also use a projector and transparencies to display the image you want on the wall for you to copy and paint.

There are many different options, so choose the one that you think will work best for the room you wish to redecorate.

Creating your own ideas interior decorating designs is not only something you can take pleasure in and be proud of, it is also a great way for you to save money, and stay active.

However, you should keep in mind that most creative projects that stem from ideas interior decorating are time consuming, so prepare yourself for the tasks you wish to accomplish. By taking your time, you can ensure that the job you do will be beautiful and rewarding.

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