How To Insulate Attic

by Rob B.

Learning how to insulate attic can do you a lot of good. This is because the attic is one place in the home that is most likely to allow loss of hot or cold air. This means that during the summer months, the attic can allow, because of improper insulation, the heat from outside to get in and this will raise the cost of running an air conditioning unit.

On the other hand, during the winter months, a non insulated or poorly insulated attic will allow the cold to get in and this will make it difficult to keep the home properly heated. In fact, the attic when it is not properly insulated will also allow hot air from inside to get out and this will increase the energy bills by a significant amount. So, there is a financial incentive as well that should motivate you into learning how to insulate attic in the best manner.

Before you are in a position to truly understand how to insulate attic, you will need to go up to the attic and find out the level of insulation that already exists. You will need to check how thick the existing insulation is and then this figure will have to be multiplied by an R value per inch of insulation type that is to be used. The R value can be obtained from the internet.

To learn how to insulate attic, you will also need to find out what amount of insulation is required for your particular region. This information can be obtained from the Department of Energy. This figure should then be subtracted from the amount of insulation that already exists in your home. This will help you determine the amount of insulation required to properly protect your home from seepage of heat and cold.

Checking types of insulation is another factor that has to be understood when learning how to insulate attic. These types include fiberglass and cellulose as well as use of polystyrene board and a whole lot more. These insulation types can be bought in loose fill or they can be obtained as rolls. It is also up to you to decide whether to add the same type of insulation as is already being used in your home. You can also choose to purchase another kind of insulation.

For those people that have acceptable level of handyman skills, learning how to insulate attic can prove to be very interesting. Once they know what is required they can then go out and do the required work on their own and in this way insulate their home properly and also save a lot of money in the process.

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We Are Getting Ready For Winter!
by: Ways To Save Electricity

We just insulated the attic along with doing a ton of repairs to close air spaces which were causing our electric bills to go out of sight! We are almost ready for winter already.

get it done free
by: OneTwin

Our energy company is offering to do this for free. It's just a pity that we already did it ourselves last year! It is something that is essential to do if you want to save energy and money.

A Job We Have to Do
by: Evelyn

We just recently purchased an older home and it has very little insulation in the attic, especially for the climate that we live in. My husband and I will be doing the insulating in order to save money.

How to insulate attic - A must!
by: jimmy

This is a must. When we insulated our attic we also discovered places where critters were getting in to the attic. We were able to seal off all the places they got it. After it was insulated heat bills went way down.

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