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by HDME Staff

Looking for some home office solutions? More often than not, houses these days include a home office. Rooms that were once used as guest bedrooms or nurseries now often hold desks, computers, filing cabinets, and internet connections. Basements often have a corner reserved for the home computer and its use.

This has become a very important space and people are spending an increasing amount of time inside it. For this reason, it is just important to use proper home office solutions and décor as it is for any other room in the house.

The home office is a very functional space, so while it is important to make it an attractive place where it will be pleasant to spend time, it must also remain practical so that it can be used in a realistic way.

It should be organized and everything that is needed on a regular basis should be easily accessible. Doing this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need to spend a tremendous amount of money. If you plan your home office solutions properly and use a bit of creativity, you will be able to get the most out of every dollar.

Decor in an office often has to be rather strategic. Not only because home office solutions need to be as practical as they are attractive, but also because the space is not generally a large one. This is a room that is generally thrown together piece by piece for function, and is not designed as a whole.

It is often the smallest room in the house, or may even be tucked into a hallway nook or an unfinished basement. This doesn’t, however, mean that you can’t make the most of the little space that you have for that purpose, and make it somewhere that is attractive and has some appeal.

Start your home office solutions with a plan. Have a look at the space and decide what you need it to accomplish. Then, write down where you think things should go Compact or modular storage often goes a long way toward solving space and storage problems in smaller home offices. Once you have decided upon the type of furnishings you want and where they will go, then you can start to think about décor.

Begin by choosing styles and colors. For home offices, most people try to choose colors that make them feel calm, and yet still allow them to focus. This provides a relaxing environment that still allows you to get the job done.

From there, you can choose a few accent pieces to make the room warmer and more personal. A picture on the wall can be nice, just as a framed photograph on the desk an also warm the space. A plant is a soothing addition and can be hung from the ceiling, or set onto the desk top or floor, depending on the amount of space and style of the room.

Even within a tiny budget, there are still lots of do-able home office solutions. Throwing in some creativity and little practical and decorative touches can make all the difference in a home office space.

The Big Question for YOU!
What's the biggest challenge you're facing when it comes to designing and decorating your home office? And if you already have a home office that rocks, tell us about it and some of the details and elements that make it a special space.

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Home office solutions - Keep it simple
by: Tori

For my home office, I find less is more. The important piece is a functional desk and space to do any paperwork as well as decent lighting. The less extraneous items the better focused you will be for getting work done.

by: taynaM

Since space in an office needs to be functional I think that furniture must be custom made or the right fit. I think decorative touches should be in curtains and paint.

Really need to revamp mine
by: Daria

My home office is in serious need of a makeover. I hate everything about it and that makes it hard to spend time in there. I work from home so it's really important that my office is an enjoyable space to me. This article of home office solutions just gave me the kick in the butt I needed to get started.

Low budget home office solutions
by: Jimmy

If you have a low budget I do not think it a good idea to spend it on decorative type items. I think a home office should be functional and if you are on a low budget it should go towards that.

Good idea!
by: Alley

What a lovely idea! I have a large room that I could section off the back of and make a home office. I don't work from home but I do like the idea of having somewhere I could pay bills and address cards. I would be able to keep all of my important household papers there too! Thanks for the possible home office solutions.

Home Office Solutions - So Right!
by: Irene D

You are so right about having a dedicated area for work at home. I work as a medical coding specialist via computer and I was having a terrible time getting my children to leave me alone even though I was paying my 15 year old to watch her younger siblings. I finally took an unused corner of my finished basement and had walls and outlets put in. We installed florescent lighting and now they know not to bother Mom when she is working and I can get my work done in peace without sitting up after they all went to bed.

My Biggest Problem: Space
by: Evelyn

My biggest problem in finding a way to decorate our home office is the space. It is a very small area, and there are so many items that there is very little wall or floor space left. I am disappointed that I don't even have space to hang an attractive picture.

My home office solutions challenge
by: Jaydee

I am seriously considering converting my small spare bedroom into a home office.

The challenge I have is that this room has very little natural light. I am concerned that the choices I make regarding decor and furniture/lighting are really crucial.

As I will be using it more as a space to house my computer than to really work from I think it is better to budget more on the permanent features and make do with furniture. Seems that this will be a better long term investment than any other option.

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