Front Entry Doors

by HDME Staff

Front entry doors are available in many different colors, styles, and materials. For each one, there is a home and a homeowner whose style is complimented by it. Your job is to find the right one for you. There are benefits and disadvantages to each, ranging from taste to budget, each of which must be considered before you make your final choice.

The first decision you will want to make in choosing front entry doors is your budget. Once you know how much you are willing to spend for the piece, you can then move on to the other choices involved in making the purchase.

For example, you might want to start by deciding on the material for your door. They are available in many types, such as steel, wood, wood composite, fiberglass, and aluminum. Each has its benefits, though not all doors will suit all circumstances. For example, wood doors are among the least expensive doors available. That being said, they also require significantly more maintenance than some other kinds such as steel.

They need to be painted, for example, and will still need to be replaced every few years. Their warranties are generally quite limited. Conversely, steel doors require no maintenance, will last for a very long time, and are more durable than all other standard door materials. However, they are also the most expensive.

Once you know the material of your door, you can start looking at other details such as the design of the door. Front entry doors with designs are generally pre-hung and can be customized with window inserts. They can also be further customized with transoms, grille patterns, different colors, different hardware styles and colors, materials, and textures. In fact, some doors have been designed so that they are made of one material but look like another. For example, fiberglass doors are often designed so that they look like wood.

Glass panels are a very popular feature in front entry doors. When they are properly inserted, they alter the appearance of the entire door while allowing light to flow through and, in the case of clear glass, visitors can be identified without opening the door. Etched or stained glass can add even more individuality and style.

It can also add privacy and safety while still allowing light to filter through. The problem, though, is that it does leave the door open to break-ins and vandalism. Even a steel door’s durability is weakened by a glass insert.

One aspect that many people don’t consider but that is a serious part of choosing front entry doors is energy efficiency. Some doors are better than others at keeping drafts under controls. For example, fiberglass doors are considered to be so highly energy efficient that many governments will offer a tax incentive for their purchase in conjunction with green programs.

By considering all of the various aspects of front entry doors, it becomes much easier to narrow down the right one for your home.

The Big Question for YOU!
What type and style of front entry door are you seeking and why? And if you've purchased front entry doors before, tell us about your experience and any lessons learned from buying or installing them.

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Good points
by: Kayla

I don't have a steel front door, but if I could afford one, I would get one. Safety is my first priority. The front entry doors with glass panels look great, but a simple glass cutter could gain easy entry and I like more privacy myself anyway.

We've tried a few front entry doors
by: Syd62

Yes, we have replaced our front entry doors a few times and we've tried wood and UPVC but each time we have gone with a glass panel because it lets more light into the room. The latest is frosted so you can't see through it.

Great ideas
by: Mike

I keep telling my wife that we need a new front door. She wants one of those front entry doors with a lot of window/glass and I don't. I tell her that it's for privacy and safety. Sure it's pretty and all but I want something that someone won't be able to break into our house easily too.

Painting front entry doors
by: sarahluv

I really don't like doors that need to be painted, but the last time I bought a door I did not consider that. Now I have to paint it. So I think it is good you talked about that in this article.

Door maintenance
by: Margo

I found this very interesting. I never considered door maintenance and upkeep. I suppose I thought once you pick a door that is it. Now that I think about it my wooden doors do take more maintenance than the steel door I have. And the Steel door is far more secure. For me it was well worth the money to get a steel door for my front door because it makes my home safer. I want to get one for the back too.

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