Feng Shui Elements - Balancing Your Home

Many are confused with the idea of feng shui elements; what are they? What do they mean? How do they relate to your home?

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Feng shui elements, to simply define them, are the five guiding points of your life and, when used in balance, will create the best atmosphere for your home.

Feng shui decorating is about centering your home and creating harmony. Below, we will illustrate how this is accomplished.

What are feng shui decorating elements? The five elements are Wood, Water, Fire, Metal and Earth.

What do they represent? These feng shui elements all stand for certain character traits and, supposedly, define the world:

* Wood: Creativity, change and spring. It is represented by the color green.

* Water: Learning, travel and winter. It is represented by the color black.

* Fire: Energy, danger and summer. It is represented by the color red.

* Metal: Business, success and autumn. It is represented by the color white.

* Earth: Patience, stability and the center of all things. It is represented by the color yellow.

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What does this actually mean? When these feng shui elements are properly aligned then all is right with your home.

When they are out of balance, problems may occur. These two states are defined in Productive and Destructive cycles.

Productive is a pattern of harmony: wood fuels fire; fire turns to ash and covers the earth; earth turns to minerals and metals; metals can melt to water; water feeds wood. When the cycle is Destructive, however, the pattern changes: wood takes from earth; earth, to feed itself, takes water; water douses fire; fire destroys metal; metal destroys wood.

How does this affect your home? Feng shui elements come together to create a balance. Many believe that this balance is essential to making your home a place of peace.

How do you achieve a balance? When trying to incorporate these feng shui elements, you must remember what they represent. To have a room dominated in one color or "element" can cause chaos.

For example, while you may be fond of the color green (wood), you should not decorate your entire home in this one shade. This will cause a destructive cycle, an overpowering sense of Wood with none of the other feng shui elements represented. Instead, it is recommended that you use all the colors for your home. Find them in your accessories and accents to create a place of balance.

Feng shui elements mean incorporating ideas of natural and harmony into your home. Some do not believe in this idea, not so much for the want of harmony but for the belief that it will actually work. Some swear by feng shui, though, and find it to be the only way to create a home.

The debate ranges from the hardest of skeptics to the most ardent believers to those not sure of what their opinions may be. Whatever the truth, however, feng shui elements have a universal idea within them--finding harmony in your life and your home. This is something we all could use.

I hope these ideas about feng shui elements have been helpful. If you'd like to learn more about this topic, check out our recommended reading below.

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