Want Even More Home Decorating Ideas?

We're excited to announce a new member to the Home Decorating Made Easy family! Her name is www.DecorateTogether.com. She is the ultimate home decorating and lifestyle social community.

To sum up DecorateTogether.com, it was created to be a fun place where you can make friends, trade ideas, and share life. Click on this banner...

Why Join DecorateTogether?

  • Create a Custom Profile
  • Access Lifestyle & Design Library
  • Get Advice on Projects
  • Use Helpful Design Tools
  • Share Your Photos
  • Upload Your Videos
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But you can check out these cool features even before you join:

1. 3D Room Colorizer - Play with mixing and matching colors until you find a combination you like!
2. Articles & Reviews - Get even more ideas for solving your toughest decorating dilemmas.