Country Decorating Ideas With A Personal Flair

by HDME Staff

Looking for some fresh country decorating ideas? For many people, country decorating means natural wood walls and earth toned furnishings with stuffed animal heads on the walls. While this is one style of country decorating, there are truly many different ideas that work quite well. This is why you should consider using country decorating ideas with a personal flair.

There are several different styles available that can yield the country look you seek without falling into any stereotype. Here, we will look at some of them to allow you to see what style might be best for you.

The new traditional style decorating with a flair for country involves balance and elegance without becoming so stiff and formal that it makes you feel uncomfortable. Centered around eighteenth century furniture styles, there is a great deal of room for country decorating ideas that involve the use of genuine antiques in this style of decorating. However, if you don't currently own or have the budget for genuine antiques, there are a range of reproductions that can be purchased that are made today, but have the appearance of age and style that is being sought.

Because our culture has been so influenced by other cultures around the world, oriental rugs and vases and European items would fit right in with the new traditional style.

American rustic is a very popular style of country decorating. This style of country decorating ideas makes extensive use of natural wood in walls and floors as well as wooden furniture whenever possible. Accent items are normally antique hand implements that are not produced anymore. Use of cotton and wool in the fabrics of drapes and upholstery is in keeping with this style as is the inclusion of brass, copper, pewter, and tin creations that have been weathered and have taken on a patina of age.

European country is a style that lets you incorporate elements from the lands of his or her ancestors or just from a culture that inspires you. French or Italian elements can include many different items pertaining to the making of wine or the preparation of fine foods. English elements can include flowered chintz, fine porcelain items and books scattered about next to the chairs and sofa for convenient reading.

There are other styles of decorating that make use of country decorating ideas in different manners. Some take modern styles and make them softer and more traditional by changing to softer colors. The key points that tie all these styles together is the use of a blend of "genuine antiques" where possible and reproductions where necessary. Unnecessary clutter is done away with in favor of a more simple, straightforward, and comfortable style.

The Big Question for YOU!
What style of country decorating is your favorite and why? And if you love this style, tell us about some interesting or unique country decorating ideas you've incorporated to make your rooms special.

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American Rustic
by: Kelly

We like the American Rustic look. Anything that deals with the colonial times is what we like. Even all of our picture frames reflect that era.

by: AmberT

My house has the country theme too. I just switched a lot of the rooms to be country. I switched from a new-age type of look. I have to admit I love the country look. I'm into the rustic look too. Thanks for the country decorating ideas and tips!

Country Decorating Ideas for a Bedroom
by: Evelyn

We decorated our grandson's room in a country style. We used red handkerchief material for the curtains. For a border around the center of the room we glued on two pieces of manila rope approximately 8 inches apart. Inbetween we stenciled broncs, boots, sahuaro cacti and cowboy hats. Over his bed we used the same manila rope and wrote his name like it was lassoed out. He loved it.

by: Mike

Our whole house is decorated "Country" and a lot of it's rustic. I love the look. I was so glad when my wife picked it out. Thanks for the country decorating ideas. I thought your tips here were great!

I can relate
by: Sandy

I can relate to Margo's problem. I tend not to think so much about eras. I just classify something as country and go with it. Now that this has been mentioned I may have to rethink some of the things in my house.

My problem
by: margo

My problem is that I feel like I can't recognize items from the right eras. I feel like I will have a hodge podge that I think looks country but doesn't really match because of them being from different eras!

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