Contemporary Staircase

by HDME Staff

A contemporary staircase gives an interior designer a wonderful opportunity to create a more individualistic means with which to access a higher floor with the least amount of difficulty. Classic staircases do not offer much other than simple means to ascend to the next level. But, the contemporary ones offer individuality as well as can handle different design elements.

Today, these modern staircases are available in a variety of materials each of which can help in designing very attractive staircases. Architects in particular are able to use these designs in several different ways. These staircases, when they were being used in the fifties and sixties, offered truly classic results.

During the twenties and thirties, the Art Deco staircase was considered as being contemporary, though today the same staircases are considered as being classics. The seventies and eighties saw no major improvement in classic staircases and the nineties followed suit. There are however a good many different kinds of contemporary staircase designs to choose from today.

One such option is the one that is U-shaped and which has two different flights. The other option is the U-shaped staircase that starts with 4 bullnose steps that open at the base of the stairs. Yet another option is the one that is once again U-shaped but which has three flights of stairs instead of two.

Modern double storied buildings usually have a contemporary staircase in them. In fact, modern buildings today offer plenty of options to help the designer succeed in designing the stairs in any way that they want. In this, the modern contemporary staircase differs from traditional style staircases that are normally constrained by the kind of material that can be used and the choices of shapes are also very limited.

A contemporary staircase, on the other hand, is generally designed to include different materials including metal, wood and glass. In addition, it can also be made from eco friendly materials including bamboos as well as recycled wood.

If you wish to design a truly contemporary styled staircase then you must first break the design down into several components. These components include the tread, and then there is a riser, and it is also necessary to address the railing system as well. The stair railings are often called a handrail or even a banister. Of course, the modern staircase can also be constructed without any handrail.

The omission of a handrail will give the contemporary staircase a more minimalist look and style and this look can also be combined with floating stairs which helps to create an even more ultra contemporary design.

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U shaped
by: zelda

I really like the U shaped contemporary staircase. I think they are much better than the straight kind. I think they give a house a better look.

Food for thought
by: Meg Starr

I've always wanted a glass contemporary staircase without a rail but my husband isn't so keen. In practical terms I can see the disadvantages and if you have children you really do need a rail for safety.

What Would This Type Be?
by: Randa Keeton

We have been looking at a circular staircase for a small area that we have that needs access to the bottom floor of our house. Would a circular staircase be considered a contemporary staircase style? We have our house done in antiques so I don't want to mix styles.

Open staircases
by: Cassie

My favorite types of staircases are open to the room below. Whether with a railing or not, I think it gives a much more airy appearance and doesn't feel so claustrophobic when you're going up and down.

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