Closet Storage Ideas

by M.J. Hayes
(Palm Beach, FL)

Looking for some great closet storage ideas? It is natural to expect that whatever space we have in our home will get filled up in almost no time. Modern lifestyle involves the accumulation of a vast number of belongings, even if we buy new cupboards these can also become cluttered fast. If you want to ensure that you utilize the available space better, check out the following closet storage ideas. Before you know it you will be more organized than you may have thought possible.

Closets are integral parts of most homes. First of all, consider what you plan to store in yours. Clothes and apparel are perhaps the most important items. We do not want to leave these out hanging over chairs or on the floor as not only would this look untidy, the garments can also become damaged.

Among closet storage ideas, one of the easiest is to try raising the clothing rod inside of your closet. By doing so you can increase the space available considerably, you may even be able to add an extra rod lower down underneath the original one. This would be perfect for smaller items such as shirts and blouses.

What do you do with your belts, scarves, and the like? Most often we may just casually place these on a hanger and then over the closet rod. It is all too easy for these to then slip off and end up in a pile on the floor. As closet storage ideas go, You could pick up a hanging organiser with clear plastic pockets that can be placed on the inside of the door. By doing so you can free up space and also easily see where each accessory is.

How many different colors are your clothes? Another of the great closet organization ideas is to choose an outfit for the day if you store the items according to their color. Such coordination would allow you to find the exact shirt or dress you need with the minimal of effort. No longer would you have to take out other items to find the piece that you need.

Do you have any bulky clothes such as sweaters and winter jackets? If so, then one of the best closet storage ideas is to place them inside the closet where they take up lots of space, how about storing them in lined laundry baskets? A lined basket can also look very stylish and can add to the ambience of the room.

It is possible to use other closet storage ideas to utilize the available space further. Shallow baskets are great for keeping accessories such as cuff links, hair clips, and similar small items.

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Love it
by: MariaP

I think those closet storage ideas are awesome. We have a lot that we could store too. I have hundreds of shoes. I don't like the big bulky totes though. Thanks for the excellent tips.

My Shoe Storage Solution
by: Momof12

I enjoy shoes and have quite a few pairs. To keep them neat, my husband built me a slanting, wood shoe rack to place in the bottom of my closet. The shoes hang from the heel on it, and I can see in a second which shoes I want to wear.

My wife needs some closet storage ideas!
by: Mike

My wife has so many pairs of shoes! They take up the whole closet in the bedroom. I wish she would organize better (then again my garage is a mess).
I am going to suggest to her some laundry baskets or totes to put her clothes in, to try to save some room in the bedroom closet.

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