Christmas Decoration Ideas

by HDME Staff

When your Christmas decoration ideas are truly outstanding, you can leave a tremendous impression on those who see them, as well as your own memories of the holidays that year. Christmas is a unique holiday in that there is decorating that can go on throughout the entire interior and exterior of your home, as opposed to only inside or outside, or just one room.

From the living room to the bathroom, the dining room to the kitchen, the rooftop to the front walk, there are Christmas decorations for every space.

However, if you are looking to do something special this year, you may wonder where you can find inspiration for Christmas decoration ideas, all you need to do is keep your mind and eyes open.

Great ideas are everywhere. They’re in magazines, in store displays, other peoples’ homes, photographs from previous Christmases, and surfing the internet. Even advertisements can show you the Christmas decoration ideas that some people have had and that you can mimic or that you can use as a jumping-off point.

The trick is to learn to look beyond the main focus of what you’re seeing – in an ad, for example – and have a look at the decorating that is supporting the image.

There may be a central subject to a display, a photograph, or even when you’re in someone else’s home, but to find great Christmas decoration ideas, you need to see beyond that where the decoration inspiration is just waiting to be found. Look for lots of different elements. Themes, colors, arrangement patterns, images, styles, materials, and everything else that brings appeal to a layout that you find you enjoy.

Start by deciding on the place you’d like to decorate. For example, are you trying to find Christmas decoration ideas for your living room? Your dining room? The outside of your home? While keeping the entire home in mind, focus in on one space at a time so that the project is not as overwhelming.

Get creative in your materials and styles. Consider the following unique Christmas decorating ideas:

  • Create little bows out of ribbon that compliments your Christmas decor. Pin them all over your curtains to convert your window treatments into a festive alternative that still matches your room.
  • Use the same kind of decoration, but as it is represented all over the world. For example, figures of Santa/St. Nick/Chris Cringle from many different countries.
  • Get nostalgic. Think back to your childhood and look at old pictures to remember what decorations you used and then copy them, hanging paper cut-out snowflakes in the window and string popcorn for the tree.
  • Fill red, green, and gold glass bowls with old ornaments that don’t have hangers anymore or that just don’t fit on the tree.

Keep in mind that Christmas decoration ideas aren’t just about the visual. This season is all about the senses, with decor that involves sound, textures, smells, and even tastes as well. The others senses also assist with decorations that are meant to be seen when the light isn’t as bright. The daylight is short in the winter, so half of the visual decorating depends on lights that can be seen during the long hours of darkness. To support the lighting, the other senses can bring the experience a long way.

Don’t forget that the earlier you start, the more time you will have to look for those great Christmas decoration ideas. You’ll be able to pick out the styles you like, look around and find the best prices, and can even home-make some of your decor, simply because you’ll have enough time in which to do it.

The Big Question for YOU!
What fun Christmas decoration theme or angle are you seeking this year? And please share some of your best Christmas decoration ideas from prior years.

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Can't wait for Christmas!
by: Daria

I love decorating for Christmas and making the whole house feel all homey and festive. This summer feels like it's going by so slow and I just want the holidays to get here so I can decorate!

Same theme
by: MariaP

For our main tree we use almost all angels to decorate with. Throughout the year we make bows out of different items we pick up, we use these to tie on the tree, to put on wreaths and to decorate presents. You have given some awesome Christmas decoration ideas and tips here!

One area at a time
by: Jaydee

I am going to concentrate on the outside this year. I was going to go with the traditional wreath but after reading this article I'd like to branch out a little. Perhaps an advent calendar on the door for visitors to open and enjoy would be fun?

My favorite Christmas Theme
by: Jewlya

I love the Bible Christmas story and each year the Christmas decoration ideas that I implement follow that theme. I love to use the colors that represent the Bible story, and figures that go along with the story as well. Christmas is our favorite time of year!

Some good Christmas decoration ideas.
by: MLsmith

I like some of the simple ideas in this article. I really like the idea about putting Christmas ornaments that you can not hang into glass bowls. I have collected so many ornaments that if I put them all on the tree it looks over done. But that is a nice way to still have them out.

by: Misty

Holiday decorating is my favorite decorating. I usually pick a theme and stick to it each year. I love the primitive look, so we have a lot of angels. Last year we decorated with snowmen.
Thanks for some great tips. I'm not any good at tying bows!

Great Christmas decoration ideas. I love xmas!
by: Lydia

I have just started thinking about Christmas - and put away my first present buys for this year, so was really happy to see this article.

This year I am aiming for a 'senses' theme, and the tips here have really inspired me. I don't have the space to overdo things, but I think a mixture of seasonally scented candles, a collage of cards from friends and family and some hand made cookies and chocolates will create the right mood.

Switching out lamp bulbs for a colored version also creates a nice festive feeling - go for green or red if possible.

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