What You Should Know Before Buying A Child Rug Or Carpet

Wouldn't a child rug or carpet make a really fun statement and be a wonderful final touch to decorating your child's room? If so, just make sure that you look beyond the bright colors and cool designs before you buy.

The good news is that I'll provide you with the key features you should look for during your search…

First, all child rugs and carpets should be fire resistant, static resistant, mold and bacteria resistant, and stain resistant.

As you might expect, some types of carpets and rugs are better at achieving these goals than others. Below, you'll find a list of the most popular types of carpet and rugs and the pluses and minuses of each.

Afterwards, I'll give you my recommendations for which types of child rugs and carpets will work best. Also feel free to come back and click on this link if you'd like some ideas for Decorating Childrens Rooms.

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Common Carpet/Rug Types

Cut pile - this is the standard type of carpet construction that most people have in their homes. It is the most plush, durable, and stain resistant of all carpet types.

Level loop pile - this is the low cut type of carpet that you might see at work. All of the fibers are the same height. It's not as plush as the cut pile carpet, but otherwise it is just as durable and stain resistant.

Multi-level loop pile - there could be 2 to 3 fiber heights in this type of rug or carpet. Usually they are produced with a particular pattern in mind, but not always.

Indoor/Outdoor - these carpets are similar to level loop pile carpets, but are constructed with lower grade fibers.

Fibers Used In Carpets/Rugs

Nylon - strongest and most popular carpet fiber. Good at resisting stains.

Olefin - best at resisting stains, but not as strong and durable as Nylon. Lower quality versions will flatten much easier than Nylon.

Wool - natural fiber typically used in luxury carpets/rugs and is very soft with good durability. Stain resistance is not as good as Nylon or Olefin.

Polyester - soft as wool, but not as durable. Cleanability is good if enhanced by stain resistant treatment. Less expensive than Wool or Nylon.

Cotton - soft under feet, but is not very stain resistant or durable.

Acrylic - soft as wool, but is not very durable.


I recommend that you first seek out child rugs and carpets that are made of Nylon fibers. Cut pile construction is the most desirable. After Nylon, Olefin fiber rugs are your next best choice.

I would not recommend a wall-to-wall wool carpet, but it would be fine as an accent child rug. The same goes for polyester. As for cotton and acrylic rugs, I think there are much better choices.

I hope this information on child rugs has been helpful.

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