Cabinet Designs 101

by Pat
(Ocean County)

Before deciding what type of cabinet to acquire for your kitchen, make sure you know all the basic knowledge about kitchen cabinets. Among the factors to consider is the design, function and quality. You might not be aware of it, however, cabinets have unique their own unique designs with particular purpose and functions – aside from the appeal and the materials used.

Before purchasing a set of these kitchen cabinets, you might want to know the different types and its quality to further assess your options as to what you really need to meet your demands. Here is an overview of the cabinet designs that would help you make a good decision before getting one.

Ready to Assemble or RTA kitchen cabinets – For the cabinet box, this type usually makes use of solid plywood. For the doors and face frames, solid wood is used that comes along with interlocking cam locks for its complete fabrication. The cam locks are known to be tougher and stronger than wooden dowels, nails and staples.

Custom Cabinets – This type is totally hand-built to meet the requirements and the demands of customers. These customized cabinets are designed to fit irregular-shaped areas in the kitchen or odd-sized spaces. These however are more expensive than the others since it is specially made and handcrafted to suit the client's ideal design using quality and excellent materials. This may demand a lot of time for the fact that it requires an extended period for construction and delivery.

Semi-Custom Cabinets – this type of cabinet is fabricated once manufacturers get new orders from clients. Customers are given the luxury to choose from a range of selected styles and sizes. This is more convenient since the specific prerequisite of clients are much easier to follow.

Stock Cabinets – These are ready-to-install cabinets with an array of different sizes and designs. It is very much accessible since it is ready-to-order in several home improvement stores just around your place.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Patrick Rogers is an Ocean County-based craftsman and interior designer who specializes in kitchen cabinets and bedroom interiors. He is presently working for Kitchen Cabinets Depot and continuously bringing up more exclusive ideas for interior designs. Learn more about kitchen cabinets in

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Love them
by: mumnina

I used stock cabinets. I am so pleased with them because I am not the most handy person when it comes to home improvement. They were so easy to install and I was really proud of myself.

Good for landlords
by: Trevor

As a new landlord, I found this article to be extremely helpful, especially when it comes to stock cabinets. I didn't know there were so many different kinds.

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