Bay Window Treatments - A Few Thoughts

by HDME Staff
(South Florida)

Looking for bay window treatments? Bay windows are undoubtedly a beautiful addition to any home. Unfortunately, having them in a home creates a complication in dealing with the space inside the bay and choosing the right window treatments. Here are a few thoughts on bay window treatments that may prove helpful.

One of the most popular uses of the bay area inside the windows is the creation window seats. These areas can be used as storage for books or small knickknacks, a place for children to play, or even a place to sit and read with plenty of natural light. You can have cushions upholstered in a color that matches the drapes or trim around the windows.

There are several different options for bay window treatments available, if one prefers to use curtains or drapes to cover their bay windows. You could use a single drape or a pair of drapes that covers the bay completely, individual curtains or pairs of curtains on each window, sheers or heavy drapes, or a combination depending on one's mood, wooden shutters, and more options exist for one to choose from when considering treatments for their bay windows. Each has its own unique charms and contributes to the room in its own way.

Bay window treatments that involve sheer curtains allow more light to enter the windows while maintaining privacy. They can be paired with a set of heavier drapes to block out the light when desired to make energy savings increase. Having individual curtains or drapes for each window helps to enlarge the room where the bay windows are located and include it in the bay area.

A single curtain that closes across the entire bay, or a pair of drapes that covers the bay can create a special stage effect, creating a unique place to display special items or a quiet corner separate from the rest of the room for reading.

You can also use pull down shades or blinds as bay window treatments, depending on the rest of the decor in the room. The truly important concept when choosing bay window treatments is to decide how the windows will fit with the rest of the room and to choose colors that match well whether covering each window individually or covering the entire group as a single unit.

Ideally, one should attempt to match the window dressings used in the rest of the room if there are more windows. The entire affair should complement the room's decor in a positive manner.

The Big Question for YOU!
What type and style of bay window treatments are you seeking and why? And if you've installed bay window treatments in your home, tell us about your solution and any lessons learned from buying or installing them.

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My kids love bay windows
by: Dad@Home

I had a dilemma when first trying to choose a treatment for the lovely bay window in our family room. Eventually I went with drapes which don't cover the actual windows. Instead they simply go across the space between the walls, leaving my children an area to create make believe behind them. (I store their toys in a built in window seat). They love it and it is certainly easier to fix up than any other style.

Bay windows are best
by: jayla

Having bay windows really makes my kitchen feel so great to be in. We have land and I love to watch the wildlife while I cook. I do use pull down shades as bay window treatments at night and at the sunniest time of the day.

by: Smith

I've driven by homes that have bay windows with no treatments on them, and I don't think I'd like that very much. I like my privacy.

by: Misty

We are making pillows to put in our bay windows. We have wood seats and now we are finishing it off with pillows. I love the look. My daughter is helping make them too.

My solution for bay window treatments
by: Momof12

I came up with the perfect solution for my bay window. I used a shade that we can pull down in the evening to keep people from looking in and I have drapes on the outside that I keep pulled back most of the time. Our children love playing in the window seat and they will often let the drapes down so they can hide and have a place all to themselves.

In The Bedroom
by: Randa Keeton

My son and his wife have a bay window in their bedroom on the ground floor of their house. It makes it rather hard to dress the window well enough to provide privacy but allow natural light in. At the moment their bay window treatments consist of heavy draperies covering it but I have discussed the use of sheers to soften the window somewhat. I like these ideas.

A few difficulties
by: Syd62

I can see a few difficulties with bay window treatments in my home. To start, our bay window has a radiator underneath it and it would take major work to remove that and put something else there. We do have sheer curtains though as I do love the wide vista of the window and the amount of light that comes in.

I see!
by: taynaM

There are so many great uses. I love my bay windows as does my son. I hang heavy drapes over it in the window that can be pulled back. But when down it makes the bay window a little hideaway where my son can still be near the outdoors in the winter. He loves to hide and play there.

Skipping treatments
by: Barb

Personally, I don't like window treatments on bay windows, particularly if there is a good view. I prefer to leave them wide open without distraction from blinds or curtains.

Bay window treatments
by: Taylor

To me, bay windows evoke nature. I don't know why, maybe it's because you can see so much more of it than through a regular window. So the treatments or coverings should have a visually natural theme. A small plant or 2 would top it off.

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