Bathroom Paint Color

by HDME Staff

What's your favorite bathroom paint color? Although many bathrooms consist of white porcelain fixtures with a few towels and bath fixtures in a contrasting color, you don't have to stay with boring pastels. There are some features to keep in mind when choosing a bathroom paint color.

You want something that is restful to the eyes, is easy to keep clean and is resistant to mold and mildew. Your lighting choices will also affect the options available to you when designing a bathroom that reflects your personality.

Choose a bathroom paint color that is moisture resistant. Regardless of how carefully you vent your bathroom, using the showers or tub is going to add to the humidity in the air. A bathroom paint color in a moisture resistant formula will stand up better to the humidity found in most bathrooms.

Your bathroom paint color should not be too intense. While very dark colors can be dramatic, as can very brilliant colors, in a small room they may be almost claustrophobic in nature. You should always consider that what is an innovative bathroom paint color for you, may be too much of a good thing when an entire room is done in the hue.

You should pick a bathroom paint color or colors that are coordinated with the theme of your furniture and fixtures. For example, if you have granite counter tops or basins, a bathroom paint color that harmonizes with the colors in the marble would be appropriate. Use a bathroom paint color to define the focal points of the room. Avoid having too many colors, especially if the room is small.

While turquoise may be the bathroom paint color of the year, avoid fad colors. Unless you want to repaint your room every season, you are better off to use a coordinating color and use the fads for accents. Another bathroom paint color to avoid is one which is too obviously tied to a gender. The most obvious gender specific colors are blue for boys and pink for girls. These colors can be exceptionally boring when used to excess.

A bathroom paint color doesn't have to be a permanent part of your decor. You can choose to change colors periodically. This will keep the look fresh. You can also elect to use your towels and accessories for bright spots of color on a relatively pale background.

If you are totally renovating your bathroom, you should keep long term colors in mind when you choose the fixtures, counters and shower or tub enclosure if any. Hopefully, these tips about bathroom paint color will help you create the oasis you've been dreaming about.

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by: Zelda

I really like re-doing the bathroom because it is so small. I have chosen a great bathroom paint color for the shower and counters so it is easy to repaint and decorate and get a great new look.

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