Antique Victorian Furniture

by HDME Staff

Antique Victorian furniture has reached a much different place in the market recently, which has collectors and investors scrambling to decide what to do. While many people have declared that this is the ideal time to buy, others say the exact opposite and would recommend avoiding such a purchase. The following are some of the perspectives from the experts regarding antique Victorian furniture and whether or not it is worthwhile to add it to your decor at the moment.

It is true that the prices of antique Victorian furniture are lower now than they have ever been. This is the reason that so many experts say that now is the best time to buy ? while the prices are low. They are predicting that within the next two to three years, there will be a sharp increase in the price of these same pieces, by about sixty percent. This means that you will not only have a lovely piece of antique Victorian furniture, but also an investment piece that you can choose to keep or resell.

This being said, other experts advise against buying antique Victorian furniture because they say that the current low prices of the pieces are only one more stage in an ever-downward slide. They believe that the pieces might have reached a point that they are permanently devalued as people?s tastes are changing, so buying antique Victorian furniture now will only mean purchasing pieces that will never be considered a good financial investment.

That being said, if you are simply looking for a nice piece of antique Victorian furniture that will suit the d├ęcor of one of your rooms, regardless of its investment value, then now remains a good time to buy because you can obtain what you want at the lowest price it has ever been, and enjoy the luxury and elegance of furniture that would have been significantly pricier only a few years ago. If the value of the style does happen to increase once more, that is simply a bonus.

This being said, there has been an upward turn in the purchasing of antique Victorian furniture. It is on the rise once more precisely because the prices have fallen so low and individuals who couldn?t afford it at one time, or who felt that it was too risky as an investment piece, now have enough money to take in a lovely piece or two.

With the prices so low, you could turn an entire room into an antique Victorian furniture themed space, which may increase in financial value, but will certainly uphold its style and panache in its own unique way. If this is the style you like, then take advantage of the fact that the real thing currently costs less than replicas. The style will be yours at no risk whatsoever.

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My treasure
by: Lydia

I think I got lucky as I recently bought a beautiful antique Victorian furniture writing desk from a small, local antique store. I needed to replace my standard desk anyhow and for around the same price as a mass produced modern piece I have a lovely unique one. I didn't see it as an investment, just as a treasure to be used daily.

Not my thing
by: Tori

While I do appreciate the craftsmanship of the antique Victorian furniture pieces,I just don't find them functional enough. The pieces are also not easy to clean with all the ornate woodwork.

To hard to upkeep
by: jimmy

I used to have quite a few antique Victorian furniture pieces but I found that they were just to difficult to upkeep in a house full of kids. I could never have it as an investment with as many as I have. Maybe when they all get older I could change my mind.

For pleasure not investment
by: Maureen

I'd say that I choose my antique Victorian furniture more for pleasure than investment but I take the point made here. It's a great time to buy with pieces being so inexpensive, and we recently recovered a chaise lounge which now looks spectacular.

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