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June 15, 2003
Issue #006
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Diversity of creative ideas has always been the
hallmark of home decorating. That's why I've asked
designer, artist, educator and writer, Marney
Makridakis, to share her own unique brand of
decorating advice in our "Ask the Decorator" column. I
think you'll enjoy her wit and original insights.

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1) Ask the Decorator
- Marney Makridakis, The DecoDiva, Answers
Your Question About Wall Murals

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FEATURED ARTICLE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


How to Bring the Outdoors In!

In today's busy world, we want our homes to be
relaxing, peaceful, restful, and balancing. We want
to have a place where we can escape from life's
tensions and just relax and be ourselves.

We want to create a space where our family members can
say, "Ah, it’s GOOD to be home," and mean it.

While there are many ways to create a feeling of
delightful tranquility in your home, one of the
fastest shortcuts to a peaceful and harmonious
atmosphere is to bring elements of the outdoors into
your home’s interior.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, "bring the outdoors
in" on home decorating shows and in magazines. The
results look great, of course, but perhaps you’ve
wondered how you can create a peaceful oasis, working
with your home’s existing décor and a reasonable budget.

You can forget the idea that a home must have a Rustic
interior style in order to make decorative use of
elements in nature.

You can add special touches of nature to rooms
decorated in absolutely any decorating style! And
without breaking your budget!

You will be surprised at how some simple décor changes
and additions can lift your mood, instantly!

My top 5 favorite ways to "bring the outdoors in" are
listed below. Read through them and just imagine what
is possible in your home!

1. Use Wood

Wood brings an unmistakable earthiness to a room,
whether it is in the form of a mahogany console in a
Traditional-style living room or a pine table in a
casual kitchen.

Wood can come alive in your room in its flooring and
furniture, but also in moldings, built-in shelving,
light fixtures, picture frames, and decorative accents.

Here at Home-Decorating-Made-Easy.com, we receive many
questions about wood selection...

Individuals have written with questions about mixing
and matching different woods, or selecting which wood
will be most effective for their rooms.

We promote a "tools, not rules" approach...so you're
not going to hear any stuffy, hard-and-fast rules
about wood selection. But there are two very simple
tools to help you out.

First, keep in mind that woods that are light in color
(pine, birch, and light oak and redwood) will make a
room seem bigger and more expansive.

Dark woods (mahogany, cherry, dark oak) will make a
room seem smaller, warmer, and cozier.

When you remember this tool, you'll be able to select
wood that can actually make a difference in how your
room appears. In general, darker woods lend
themselves to a more formal atmosphere, while lighter
woods have an airy, casual feel.

Speaking of casual and formal environments, another
simple tool to remember is that furniture and
accessories in matching wood (e.g., a room furnished
primarily in oak) makes a room more formal than a room
that mixes and matches different woods.

Neither approach is right or wrong...it's all a matter
of style and personal preference.

2. Add Plants

Plants are a quick, inexpensive, and easy way to bring
the outdoors inside. Plants make a room feel cozy and
warm, and they also can add a splash of color to rooms
decorated in neutral color schemes.

If plant care isn't your thing, you can still get the
same effect with artificial plants. Artificial trees,
bushes, silk leaves, flowered garlands, and wreaths
all bring an earthy touch of greenery to a room.

You can even make your own ficus tree by following our
easy instructions at Home-Decorating-Made-Easy.com.

3. Use Nature-themed Artwork

The artwork you select for your room is instrumental
in setting the room's tone. Create the sense of an
oasis or retreat by selecting art that transports your
soul – a lush countryside landscape...a black and
white mountain range…a rose garden at sunset.

In addition to adding atmosphere, hanging framed
landscapes is a great trick for small spaces, as it
gives the impression of added windows and open space.

4. Decorate with Murals

While originally used as a form of communication and
prayer, the use of murals as a decorative device dates
back to the ancient Roman and Minoan frescos.

Today, trompe l'oeil (French for "trick of the eye")
murals, such as the one shown in this bathroom, are
very popular in homes of all styles, as they open a
room to the beautiful outdoors in a magical,
enchanting way.

If you’re not an artist and don’t want to hire a
professional painter, check out Marney's alternative
suggestions below, in the Ask the Decorator section.

5. Look to the Elements

A foolproof way to bring the essence of the outdoors
into your home is to look to nature’s elements: earth,
air, fire, water.

For earth, emphasize stone or brick work (such as that
on a fireplace) with lighting or furniture placement.
Use accessories decorated with gems or stones to
ground your décor. Add a simple stone mosaic to an
existing piece of furniture to give it an earthy appeal.

For air, promote a feeling of openness in your room by
using crisp, cooling colors, adding effective window
treatments to frame your windows, and use artwork that
depicts natural landscapes and open sky.

For fire, use lamps and other light fixtures to create
a warm, inviting mood. Specialty tinted light bulbs
are a wonderful way to cast a glow in any room, and
they are now quite affordable at local home
improvement stores.

And, of course, nothing can compare to the natural
spark that comes with a working fireplace.

For water, consider adding a fountain to your room.
You'd be surprised at how relaxing the musical sound
of falling water can be.

Tabletop fountains range from being small and subtle
to elaborate and dramatic. Many combine with light
fixtures to create an ambiance of pure bliss and

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TURNING IDEAS INTO ACTION!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Ask the Decorator
DecoDiva, Marney Makridakis, Answers Your Question On
Wall Murals

Question: My husband and I honeymooned in Italy, and
I have dreamt of a mural of the Tuscan countryside in
our dining room.

The problem is that I have no artistic skill and doubt
I'd have the patience to take a course or read a
how-to book. Hiring a professional isn’t in my budget.

A friend said that I could blow up my own photographs
from my honeymoon, but that seems unfeasible. Since I
can’t have a mural in the room, can you suggest any
alternatives that might create a Tuscan look and feel?

Answer: Wait, not so fast! You can have a mural.
There are a few options that will work well with your
budget and lifestyle.

You can select a "ready to hang" mural from the
wallpaper department of your local home improvement
center. These products are pre-pasted to be hung like
wallpaper, but they look like hand painted murals.

There also are murals that are of photographic
quality, designed to create the look of a true-to-life
view or scene.

Skeptical? Take a look at www.custommurals.com for the
portfolio of both the photographic and hand painted
mural designs offered by Tara Graphics Custom Murals.
Their offerings are so diverse, you’re bound to find
exactly what you’re looking for to recreate that
honeymoon magic.

In fact, companies such as Tara Graphics often can
create a pre-pasted mural that is customized to
replicate a photograph that you provide.

This process usually costs $5-$6 a square foot. While
that’s more expensive than a ready-made mural hanging,
it is considerably less expensive than hiring a
professional to paint your favorite honeymoon spot on
your wall.

If you think that creating a mural yourself might be
fun, but you’re worried about the difficulty involved,
consider a stenciling project.

For example, Jan Dressler Stencils (www.dresslerstencils.com)
offers a large variety of mural-scale stenciling kits
that will make the experience easier than you could

If you’re very limited on time, this obviously isn't
the solution for you…although you’d be surprised at
how calming creating an artistic masterpiece can be
when you use stencils...all the hard work is done for

Of course, you could create a gorgeous Italian
ambiance through selection of colors, fabrics,
furniture, and accents. But if your dream is to have
a mural in your room, there are options that make it
easy and affordable to go for it!

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