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If you’ve arrived at this page, it probably means that you have a few more questions before you decide to purchase the best home decorating resource on the market today.

So, I’ll do my absolute best to answer them because I sincerely want you to achieve your decorating dreams...and I know that The Awaken Your Interior Designer! Collection can get you there.

First, I’ll assume that the small investment that we’re asking for The Awaken Your Interior Designer! Collection is not an issue. Why?...

Because I know you would gladly invest thirty-something dollars if the end result was a beautifully decorated home.

Let’s face it, the price of The Awaken Your Interior Designer! Collection is a paltry sum when you compare it, for example, to what you’d pay for quality fabric to make just ONE drapery panel! Am I right?

Now, the other two areas that may be holding up your decision could relate to eBook technology and/or wondering if what’s inside The AYID! Collection will really help you. Trust me, I can understand your hesitation.

Allow me to first ease your mind about eBooks, which are a rapidly growing trend. Click here to get the full story about them and why we chose this publishing method to provide you with a new approach to decorating.

"• Simon & Schuster has seen double-digit growth in ebook sales from the first half of 2001 to the first half of 2002

• In 2002, McGraw-Hill Professional ebook sales are up 55% over the same period last year"

Open eBook Forum
- July 2002

Don't forget, you can download the eBooks to a disc and take it to your local printer (such as Kinko's). They can produce a quality paper copy for you at a very reasonable price. Our price is so low because we're not charging for the paper, ink, labor and shipping costs.

Now that you've learned a bit more about eBooks, let me ask you a question...

If the end result was a beautiful home, would it really matter if the book that helped you achieve your dream was paper or electronic?

Naturally, I can understand why you (and most of us) occasionally enjoy turning the pages of a big picture book filled with amazing photos of someone else's dream home.

But all to often those books don't deliver the step-by-step instructions, fully explained tips, and information on product suppliers that would really help you put ideas ito action. Right?

The Awaken Your Interior Designer! Collection delivers on all these points and does it in a big way! So I say, curl up with the picture books when you want to dream, but call upon this invaluable resource when you want the guidance to turn your dreams into reality.

Call me selfish, but I want it to be your home that someone dreams about!

With regard to providing proof that the information inside these unique eBooks will help you create dazzling spaces, I’m going to let you decide for yourself.

The vast majority of eBook sellers would gasp at this idea, but I’m going to give you a hefty 72 pages from our 328 page eBook…Awaken Your Interior Designer: A Guided Journey to Creating the Home Your Spirit Craves.

There are no tricks, hooks, catches, or obligations involved! The pages are yours to read and enjoy with my compliments.

That’s how confident I am about The Awaken Your Interior Designer! Collection guiding you to decorating success.

"These books blew me away and dramatically exceeded my expectations. It's unbelievable how much information is packed in Awaken Your Interior Designer -- so much that I doubt I'll ever need to buy another decorating book again, ever! The other books have totally original and unique projects with easy instructions and fabulous results, and I can't wait to try them all. Thank you for inspiring me to make my home beautiful and showing me how easy it can be."

- Deana David
Carmel, NY

So, if you’re ready to start living your decorating dreams, you’re invited to do it at my risk. That’s right! You’re protected by my iron-clad 60-day, 100%-refundable, satisfaction guarantee. Can I be any fairer? The choice is yours.

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