The AYID! Collection Answers Your Decorating Questions

Here's a small sample of the home decorating questions that will be answered in The Awaken Your Interior Designer! Collection guidebooks:

  • Which decorating style is the one that your spirit TRULY craves?

  • How do you mix different decorating styles easily & effectively?

  • Which colors will help you reach your personal and family goals?

  • Do colors REALLY affect your emotions and health?

  • What's a fool-proof method to determining whether to keep old décor items or pass them on?

  • How can you create a faux wood finish in 4 easy steps?

  • How can you build your own faux fireplace if you've always DREAMED of having an elegant fireplace?

  • Is there an easy way for someone with little time and patience to understand the ever-touted "color theory"?

  • How can you relate rooms in your home so that they flow nicely from one to the other…but still remain unique, fun, and spontaneous?

  • Should you paint or paper your walls…or think outside the box with a totally unusual wall treatment?

  • How can you save time at the paint store…and what the heck is the difference between latex and alkyd paint?

  • What flooring will save you time and money?

  • How do you make a stunning faux parquet floor in less than two hours?

  • Which fabrics are most suited to your family's lifestyle?

  • How can you select and match patterns and ALWAYS get it right?

  • Can you put together a stylish living room on a budget, if you don't have traditional living room furniture?

  • How do you "antique" a piece of furniture in a matter of minutes?

  • How do you arrange furniture in small spaces?

  • How do you energize your home with a sense of personal style and spirituality?

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