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June 09, 2004
Issue #020
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Diversity of creative ideas has always been the
hallmark of home decorating. That's why I've asked
designer, artist, educator and writer, Marney
Makridakis, to share her own unique brand of
decorating advice in our "Ask the Decorator" column. I
think you'll enjoy her wit and original insights.

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o News

1) A Quick Note For Wallpaper Hunters

o Featured Article

1) Ready to Fire Your Home Office?

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~~~~~~~~NEWS ~~~~~~~~~


A Quick Note for Wallpaper Hunters

Every now and then I hear about special offers on home
decor products. So I thought I'd pass this one along.
If you've been searching for a good deal on wallpaper,
you may want to pay a visit to DecorateToday.com. The have a great
limited time deal on quality name brand wallpaper.

That's all for now. I hope you enjoy the featured
article on dressing up your home office.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FEATURED ARTICLE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Ready to Fire Your Home Office?

Today, more and more homes need home offices. For
someone who works from home, the home office is a true
place of business.

For other homes, the office is a place for a variety
of activities, such as computing, studying, writing,
or doing take-home work. In both cases, it is
important that a home office is fully functional and
also visually inspiring to those who will occupy it.

Far too often, the room designated as "home office" is
the last to receive a decorative hand. I hope that
this month’s issue of DecoDreams encourages you to be
creative when decorating your home office space.

After all, whether you work at home full-time or use
the space occasionally to pay the bills, YOU are the
boss! Therefore, it’s important that you inject some
of your personality into the décor of the room.

Here are my Top 10 Tips for easily creating the home
office of your dreams:

  1. Take a thorough inventory of the activities you
    undertake in the office to make sure you have a sense
    of the equipment and furniture that you need to be
    efficient and productive. Investing the time and money
    to have the proper setup is very important.

  2. If you are on a budget, don’t let that keep you
    from putting thought and effort into decorating your
    home office! Visit consignment shops, garage sales,
    thrift stores, and surplus stores to find used
    furniture pieces and storage options.

    Trade and barter with friends and neighbors. Get
    creative with the items you already have on hand, for
    example, a hollow core door supported on two short
    file cabinets works as a fine desk.

  3. If you make use of used furniture, you will find
    the atmosphere far more inspiring if you paint the
    furniture in the same color or finish to unify it.

    This will give a more professional feel to the office,
    which is bound to increase confidence and productivity.

  4. Consider if you would like to decorate your
    office around a theme that is significant to you and
    your work.

    For example, someone who works from home running a Web-
    based travel agency might want to create a travel-
    themed office, depicting her favorite
    destinations, or perhaps travel ephemera from days
    gone by. A freelance writer who wanted to re-ignite
    her sense of creativity decorated her office to look
    like a child’s playhouse.

    You can have a lot of fun thinking about themes for
    your office.

  5. If you don’t want to decorate your office around
    a particular theme, I encourage you to select a color
    scheme that you really love.

    Whether you spend all day in the office or just an
    hour here and there, you want the office to be a place
    that feels comfortable and inspiring to you. Feel
    free to venture away from the basic color scheme of
    the rest of the house - this is your space, so enjoy it!

  6. Once you have your equipment and basic furniture
    needs taken care, don’t forget to add some elements of
    comfort. An overstuffed chair and ottoman add an
    inviting look to the room and provide a place to read
    or review work.

    A chaise lounge, such as the one shown in this
    photograph, combines comfort with the ultimate in
    style and luxury.

  7. If your home office does double-duty serving
    another purpose (such as being a guest room), don’t
    sacrifice style! Computer centers that close up
    inside armoires are the perfect solution for a stylish
    guest room that can open up into an office in a moment.

    A frugal option is to install doors or plantation
    shutters on a second-hand entertainment center or
    large shelving unit, to hide computer equipment and
    work-related books and files. If the room has a
    closet, you can create a computer space right inside
    the closet, and hide it by closing the door.

    You also can use folding screens to hide office
    equipment when the room is serving as a bedroom for

  8. Consider who will use your home office and make
    sure that the needs of all concerned are met. If you
    share the office with another household member,
    brainstorm about your various needs to find compatible

    Determine whether your home office has visitors and,
    if so, determine places for them to sit and/or work.
    Do you need a coffee table to act as a "conference
    table" when others come to sit and work with you?

    Or will a simple chair on the other side of your desk
    suffice? Do you need a space for your children to be
    able to play while you are working?

  9. Having adequate storage is very important so
    that the room remains uncluttered. By selecting
    storage options that look more like furniture than
    stark office equipment, you can successfully marry
    office technology with the style of your home.

    For example, consider wicker file baskets instead of a
    metal filing cabinet, or make a fabric-lined letter
    tray instead of its metal counterpart.

  10. Light is very important in a home office. Not
    only will proper lighting enhance your productivity,
    it also can add warmth and style to the room.

    For example, an adjustable desktop lamp looks
    attractive and inviting and also reduces glare on a
    computer screen. If you have a separate sitting area
    in the room, be sure that area has a reading lamp
    available. Strive to have different lighting options
    to reduce eye-strain.

    Finally, if the room has windows, make sure that you
    allow for some natural light to come through. Choose
    window treatments that allow you to control the amount
    of light into your workspace so that you can change it
    according to the time of day and time of year.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TURNING IDEAS INTO ACTION!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



DecoDiva, Marney Makridakis, Answers Your Question
About Decorating Home Offices

QUESTION: I work from home in a small home office. I
have nice furniture and I have painted the walls in an
attractive buttery yellow, which I love. My problem
is that the office always seems to look cluttered, no
matter how much time I spend organizing and cleaning.
Do you have any tips to make my office look more
streamlined? It’s a small space so there isn’t room
to bring in a lot of storage options.

ANSWER: For home offices of any size, one of the best
things you can do is unify your desk accessories. When
things are mismatched, they look cluttered, even if
they are perfectly organized!

Take a look at your file trays, pencil cups, staplers,
hole punches, trash cans, file folders, crates, and
storage boxes. Then look for things that you can add
to each to make them unified with one another so that
they look like a set.

Can you paint them? Cover them with fabric? Cover
them with decorative paper or beautiful wallpaper?
Cover them with coordinating colors of thin foam
(available at craft stores)? Can you buy colored file
folders to match your file trays or hanging files?

Whatever you can do to coordinate these typically
mismatched pieces will do a lot for the look for your

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- E. M. Forster

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