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April 06, 2004
Issue #018
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Diversity of creative ideas has always been the
hallmark of home decorating. That's why I've asked
designer, artist, educator and writer, Marney
Makridakis, to share her own unique brand of
decorating advice in our "Ask the Decorator" column. I
think you'll enjoy her wit and original insights.

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o News

1) Time to "Spring" In Action!

o Featured Article

1) Tricks to Dress Up Hallways, Stairways, and

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NEWS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Time to "Spring" Into Action!

Now that old man winter is making his exit, it's time
for you to "Spring" into action.

Spring marks the time for renewal and regeneration.
For this to happen in your home, you must first
clear out the clutter and discard old clothing,
furniture, papers, etc., that have served their

You'll be amazed at how this will help to clear your
mind and make your home feel more spacious and

If you need a system to help keep clutter under
control and turn your home into a smooth running
machine, just check out the Get Organized tool in
the Recommended Resources section near the end of this

In the meantime, enjoy our feature article and have a
wonderful day! :-)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FEATURED ARTICLE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Tricks to Dress Up Hallways, Stairways, and Corridors

Hallways, passageways, corridors, and stairways can be
decorating nightmares if you don't have a few tricks
up your sleeve. Well it's time to come out of the
dark, so to speak! Here are a few easy-to-implement
tools and tips that are sure to help you manage
decorating the hallways in your home - whatever their
size or shape:

If your hallway is very dark and narrow...

  • Paint the walls with warm colors such as
    pumpkin orange, rustic rust, burnt red, or sunny
    apricot. In addition to providing warmth, these vivid
    colors also add drama to small corridors.

  • Add "artificial windows" by hanging mirrors or
    large paintings and photographs along the walls. For
    a special project, you can make a "window" of your
    own! Just mount a mirror into a discarded window
    pane, add curtains, and hang it on the wall.

  • If you select a light color for the walls,
    choose a semi-gloss finish to allow for maximum light
    reflection, which will expand the space.

  • Make the hallway feel warmer and more inviting
    by adding small touches, such as a bench or
    comfortable chair, or placing a vase of flowers on a
    small table.

If the ceiling is very low (below 9') and the hallway
feels confining...

  • Paint the ceiling two shades lighter than the
    walls to give the feeling of expansiveness.

  • To further lengthen the perception of the
    walls, you can continue the wall color all the way
    over the top and bottom moldings.

  • If wallpaper is more your style, choose a
    pattern with bold vertical stripes in dark colors, as
    this lengthens the walls (you also can paint stripes
    or vertical designs on the wall for the same

If the ceiling is higher than 9 ft. and makes the
hallway seem too lofty...

  • Paint the ceiling one shade darker than the
    walls. This will allow the light to reflect evenly
    throughout the room, which will make it seem more

  • Install a picture rail one-third of the way
    down from the ceiling. This will draw the eye to the
    lower part of the room, and it also provides an
    interesting space to display knick-knacks. You also
    can paint a wide horizontal band in a contrasting
    color, starting one-third of the way down, to create a
    similar effect.

If the hallway is very wide (too big to be a hallway,
but too small to be a room)...

  • A large hallway is most effective when it is
    treated as a "transitional room". Brainstorm with
    your family to see if the large hallway can serve any
    specific function. Is there something that would make
    it feel and act more as a room, in and of itself?
    Would it help to have a reading chair, a desk, or a
    play area? See if there is a purpose that this space
    can fulfill that you hadn't even thought of, yet.

  • Go the extra mile and install attractive
    overhead lighting. An attractive light fixture will
    elevate a large hallway to its proper place of being
    a "transitional room".

  • Make the hallway as cozy as possible by
    adding "living room" elements to it such as lamps,
    tables, and even chairs or sofas. Narrow loveseats or
    chaises (such as the pair shown in this photo) are
    perfect furniture choices for "filling up" a large
    hallway and making it feel stylish and inviting.

If the hallway has a lot design flaws (cracks, small
holes, uneven trims) which seem to be all the more
obvious because the space is so small...

  • Select paint in an unshiny (matte) finish to
    camouflage design flaws, or apply a dry-brush faux
    finish to hide the imperfections.

  • Hang plenty of artwork to hide wall flaws
    completely and detract from other imperfections in the
    hallway. Hang same-sized framed pieces symmetrically,
    in a "gallery" style, to increase the perceived length
    of the hallway, and hang smaller groups of varied
    pieces to make the hallway seem cozier.

If the hallway gets a lot of use and you're concerned
about the durability of your décor choices...

  • If you paint the walls, just be sure to
    protect the finish with a coat of clear polyurethane
    varnish to protect it.

  • The best carpet to use in high-traffic areas
    is highly twisted pile or dense loop pile.

If your hallway seems boring and without

  • Install interesting or elaborate moldings
    where the wall and ceiling meet, or create a chair

  • Add some natural elements to the space, such
    as hanging plants (real or artificial), candles, or a
    working tabletop fountain.

  • Paint a mural on the wall to create an
    environment of your choosing! The sky is the limit...
    the Tuscan countryside, the Grand Canyon, an
    English garden, or outer space!

  • Create a collage on your walls using
    interesting papers and decoupage medium, such as
    ModPodge or Royal Coat. Some ideas to try: sheet
    music, record covers, old photographs, recipes,
    postcards, seed packets, love letters, handmade
    papers. Make color copies of your original items to
    be sure you have enough papers to cover your space,
    and that you won't ruin anything of value.

  • Go three-dimensional and hang an interesting
    collection on the walls. The antique tools hung on
    the hallway wall shown here are a great source of
    interest for all who pass through.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TURNING IDEAS INTO ACTION!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



DecoDiva, Marney Makridakis, Answers Your Question
About Decorating Under Stairways

QUESTION: I'm having trouble deciding what to put
under the stairs leading to the 2nd floor from the
formal living room. The formal living room has cream
walls and is done in tan and gold upholstery with
cream and sand accents. The formal living room is
also open to the formal dining space which repeats the
gold and cream color scheme. All furniture in the two
rooms is dark teak, so I've decided to do the banister
and rails of the stairs in dark teak too.

But what do I put UNDER the stairs? Statues and more
furniture are not an option, since we have enough of
them already. I need something simple yet
sophisticated enough to fit in with the rest of the
room. Can you help me?

ANSWER: Your home sounds beautiful! My solution is
to place a ficus tree or other large standing plant
under the stairs. It will be subtle enough to blend
in with the rest of the formal living room, but also
hold its own to fill the space. If you don't want a
real tree (for example, if it will cause problems with
pets), you can make your own artificial silk ficus
tree by following Michael's easy instructions at

His instructions are for a 9-ft. tree, but you can
adjust the size as needed to fit under you stairway.
Whether real or artificial, you can add to the tree's
sophistication by planting the tree in a planter or
large vase that matches the décor in the living room.

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