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July 14, 2003
Issue #007
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Diversity of creative ideas has always been the
hallmark of home decorating. That's why I've asked
designer, artist, educator and writer, Marney
Makridakis, to share her own unique brand of
decorating advice in our "Ask the Decorator" column. I
think you'll enjoy her wit and original insights.

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1) Decorating Around Lousy Paint Colors!

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1) Ask the Decorator
- Marney Makridakis, The DecoDiva, Answers
Your Questions About Dealing With Lousy Paint Colors

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FEATURED ARTICLE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Decorating Around Lousy Paint Colors

If you’ve just moved into a home, there’s a good
chance that you may not like the paint color that’s
already on the walls. However, you may not have the
time, money, or inclination to repaint them anytime

It may seem like you’re stuck, but there actually are
some easy tricks that can help an undesirable paint
color take a back seat to the overall look of the

These tricks are also helpful if you’re renting your
home or apartment, and you’re not permitted to paint
the walls.

On the other hand, perhaps you’re just not sure of
your decorating plan for your new space. Or maybe
you’ve already painted your walls, but you don’t care
for the result.

If any of these sound like your predicament...don’t
worry, you’re not trapped!

In this article, I’m going to give you a few tricks
that will make it easier to live with a paint color
you don’t like.

Before I launch into the tips, I’ll point out that a
less-than-desirable paint color in a room doesn’t
necessarily mean you don’t like the color. It could
be that the color just doesn’t fit the style of your

For example, a deep, dramatic eggplant color may not
work well with American Country wicker. And bright
turquoise may not blend with your traditional Louis
XIV living room set.

On the flip side, it could be that the lack of color
is what’s bothering you. If your home is painted in
neutrals and you’re longing to add more personality to
your rooms, you’re bound to be frustrated until you
infuse the room with color.

It’s also worth noting that colors have a huge impact
on your emotional and mental attitude.

Some colors make you feel energized, while some make
you feel restful. Some make you feel sociable, while
others make you feel more reserved.

You may find that while you love the color orange, a
tangerine-colored bedroom is not allowing to you wind
down at the end of the night.

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No matter your reason for wanting to camouflage, tone
down, or "tone up" your existing wall color, here are
some hints and tricks to try:

  1. Hang artwork generously, with an emphasis on
    large pieces

    This is an easy way to ensure that the wall color
    takes up less visual space in a room. When large
    portions of the wall are covered, you see less wall,
    and therefore the wall color becomes more subtle.

    If your walls are neutral, you can add a lot of color
    to the room by selecting vivid and dynamic artwork.

    If you are looking to tone down an intense wall color,
    wall hangings and artwork in neutral tones will soften
    the look.

    But be careful when using black and white photographs
    and/or artwork on a brightly colored wall. The stark
    contrast between black and white tends to draw more
    attention to the bold wall color.

    The type of artwork you select will depend largely on
    the style of your room. For traditionally-decorated
    rooms, large paintings with wide or elaborate frames
    work well… as do tapestries or oriental rugs hung on
    the wall.

    For more contemporary styles, art posters (framed or
    unframed) are great to cover large walls. Place them
    symmetrically across the wall to create a gallery-type

    Rustic styles are greatly enhanced by Native-American
    tapestries, weavings, and blankets.

    American Country and the very popular romantic styles
    such as “cottage style” and “shabby chic” are paired
    wonderfully with quilts hung on the wall, either on a
    quilt rack or just hung with tacks or nails.

  2. Cover the wall completely with fabric

    This is an easy way to camouflage an undesirable wall
    color. You can purchase fabric yardage and use a
    staple gun to staple it right into the wall.

    Covering a wall with fabric is quicker than both paint
    and wallpapering, and is easily reversible.

    The most time consuming element of this kind of
    project is if you are using a patterned fabric that
    needs to match up from panel to panel. It’s like
    matching patterned wallpaper.

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    Another bonus to this technique is the fact that
    staples leave very subtle marks in the wall. These
    marks are much smaller and easier to manage than holes
    left my nails.

    For even fewer staple marks, you can buy ready-made
    drapery panels and hang them from the top of the
    wall. Either staple or tack them at the top, or hang
    them on a rod that extends across the wall.

    Allow the panels to hang down freely, which provides a
    subtle amount of movement and texture, and creates a
    romantic look.

  3. Select eye-catching window treatments

    Adding eye-catching window treatments is a great way
    to take the attention off a wall color. If you make a
    window the focal point of a room by framing it
    attractively, then the window is seen first upon
    entering the room.

    After resting on the window, the eye moves inward to
    the other elements in the center of the room (the
    furniture, accents, lighting, etc.), never resting on
    the wall color itself. It’s a deceptively simple
    trick...and it works!

    If your style is very casual, don’t think that the
    window treatments have to be formal, elaborate, and
    fussy. Take a look at the bedroom shown below

    The homeowner didn’t care for the pale pink wall
    color, so she used window treatments to distract from

    This room has three windows, and each one is adorned
    with the same treatment. The style of the treatment
    is classic, yet whimsical.

    The colors are bold and fun, and make even more of an
    impact since they are grouped in a set of three
    treatments over three windows. When entering the
    room, it’s the windows that get the focus, not the
    pastel-colored wall.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TURNING IDEAS INTO ACTION!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    Ask the Decorator
    DecoDiva, Marney Makridakis, Answers Your Questions
    About Decorating Around Lousy Paint Colors

    QUESTION: I have a bathroom with a lot of pink tile
    and am not ready to rip it out yet and don't trust
    that these type of surfaces can be successfully

    So what color could I paint the rest of the walls to
    coordinate with pink in a man's bathroom. Am I
    correct in the assumption that the lighter the
    coordinating color, the pinker the tile looks?

    ANSWER: You’re right that painting the walls in a
    light color will emphasize the pastel hues in the
    bathroom. A darker color, such as a burgundy or
    forest green, will tone down the pink in the tiles.

    If your style is contemporary and you’d like to have a
    little fun, a masculine way to pull off pink is to
    combine it with a dark slate gray color, or even

    These combinations result in a fun and
    sophisticated “retro” look that will make your
    bathroom look anything but frilly and feminine.


    QUESTION: My wife and I have just painted our den. It
    is kind of a Pumpkin color. We have painted over the
    old paneling with vertical grooves. The job looks
    good; however, the color is now too strong of an
    orange and overpowers the room.

    Is there something we could do to tone down the bright
    orange without repainting the entire room and change
    to a little lighter shade? Maybe some kind of
    sponging with some kind of softer finish?

    ANSWER: Adding a faux finish to soften a wall’s color
    is an excellent, quick solution to your dilemma. The
    trick is to select a color that is very similar to the
    existing color, not more than three shades lighter
    that the original color.

    If you selected a paint color from a paint sample
    strip, it’s easy to select a new shade…just go one to
    three shades lighter on that very strip.

    Mix the lighter shade with a glazing medium (available
    at your paint store or home improvement store),
    according to the directions on the product (it’s
    usually 1 cup paint to 1 cup glaze). Dip a sponge
    into the glazed paint and apply it to the wall.

    You can experiment with different kinds of sponges (a
    sea sponge leaves a different texture and pattern than
    a kitchen sponge) and different spacing of the sponged

    For a less subtle look, you can consider sponging on
    top of the Pumpkin color with a cream, off-white, or
    very pale yellow shade. There will be more contrast
    between the two layers of paint, which will create a
    dramatic texture and visual effect, without
    overpowering the room.

    Remember to use the glazing medium to ensure that the
    sponged paint goes on smoothly and does not dry too

    If you can get your hands on a piece of plywood, go
    ahead and paint it in the Pumpkin color, and then try
    different sponged top coats to see which look you prefer.

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